Thursday, 11 June 2015

Upping Hydration Levels the Luxury Way - Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

Now coined one of Chanel's "Essentially Chanel" products (which is the 5 most sought after products from their range) their Hydra Beauty Micro Serum is a hydration product which packs an extra elegant punch. Bearing in mind it's still quite a new product, to go down with the infamous Rouge Coco Lipstick, and Tan de Chanel Bronzer is a pretty huge feat. I'd been lusting after it since it originally came on the scene, thanks to the lovely Dave Lackie (you all know that lovely fellow on Twitter by now, right?) I managed to get my mitts on one *swoons*  

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum Skincare for Hydration and plump skin
So the main question is... how did I get on with such an expensive serum, right? Taking money out of the question for a second, here's the pros of the micro serum;

- It's texture is so lightweight, it sinks in immediately, and a little goes a long way.
- It's watery texture hydrates like no other. Think, the effects of a day of drinking 8 glasses of water and nothing but green tea (yup, that hydrated)
- The hydration benefits go beyond giving skin an even, non-flaky appearance, and seem to plump any fine lines (cough, frowning) 
- The serum makes a perfect base for makeup. Skin is left smooth, plumped and well hydrated for whatever other products will be bombarding your face.
- On a superficial note, have you seen the bottle? It's incredible. And the water droplets suspended in the formula just scream luxury.

And down to the dirty stuff, the price... it's steep at £66 for 30ml. (Debenhams) But we're all willing to pay slightly more for something that works I'm sure? It does work, it's amazing for extra hydration, pure luxury and looking more than beautiful on your vanity. I've been using it just over a month now and don't seem to have used up even a third of the bottle, so chance is this will see me through summer. And when winter comes Winter is Coming I'll quite happily run out to repurchase.

Friday, 22 May 2015

The Latest Addiction - Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

I currently have a thing. It's a mask addiction. No, not like Mike Myers or Freddy Krueger... (although that would be cool weird, wouldn't it?) I'm addicted to beauty masks. Mostly for my face and hair, although if someone invents one for another area of the body - count me in! So I'm finding my skin in a weird place, given how temperamental British weather currently is, and I'm enjoying face masks more and more for a relaxing experience, and for an intensive skin treatment.

I've always been mix and match about my face masks, and avoid sticking it all over my face. I use a number of different types, each in different areas of my face to treat my skin, depending on what is needed most in each area. Hydrating patches under my eyes... Detox/cleansing masks for my nose and chin... acidic formulas for sloughing dead skin on my forehead...

Because who wants to be low maintenance anyway?

caudalie new instant detox face masks

caudalie new instant detox face masks

When I caught wind of the new reformulated (and beautifully packaged!) Caudalie face masks, I knew I had to get my mitts on a couple. I've started with the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask* which is a gel-cream, natural clay mask designed to remove impurities and toxins to have the effect of a detox on your skin within a 5 minute period. Cool, huh?! Soon as I saw that this was ideal for calming down stressed skin, I knew I needed it - because we all know I'm very rarely not stressed.

Because of it's thin texture, I find it absolutely perfect for my favourite method of application; a foundation brush. (Yup, a super cheap foundation brush is the best way to apply face masks minus getting gunk everywhere.) I wash off after about 7/8 minutes, during which the mask will feel tight on the skin as the clay drys. After removing with either my fingers or muslin cloth, my skin texture looks much more even, while pores look tighter and much less visible than previously. At the moment I get most benefits from using this once a week, but I'm sure increasing the frequency of application would work for someone with more blackheads/oilier skin types.

Without swaying my opinion for the super cute wooden cap, this Caudalie detox mask is what dreams are made of; quick to apply, smells like heaven and has visible results immediately. As they're range of four different masks are designed to be used in combinations which will make the best possible results depending on your skin issues, I can't wait to pick up some of the others. For now I'll be using this as part of my relaxation rituals, for myself and for my skin. Bonus points to Caudalie.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Double Cleansing for City Girls - Vichy Purete Thermale Range

Bad beauty blogger confession? I'm a bad cleanser. I hate the stuff, mostly because I hate spending money on it, as it's barely the most exciting of skincare products, is it? Then when you can buy things like lipstick or nail polish instead? No, I'll stick to mostly disliking cleansers. 

Vichy's Pureté Thermale range is designed to have something in the range for everybody, and to remove all the pollutants left on your skin from day-to-day life, especially of those living in the city. Pollution can have a really damaging effect on the skin, and can cause premature ageing, excess oil, blackheads, and all the horrible skin conditions you don't want...

Vichy purete themale pollutant cleansing range escentual micellar oil - deep cleanse

Vichy purete themale pollutant cleansing range escentual micellar oil - deep cleanse
Vichy Pureté Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil* - Is a completely new concept, and one that is absolutely not a novelty. We all know of Bioderma, right? The quick and easy cleanser that is gentle on the skin and as perfect as they come? Well, I think Vichy have done one better...

The micellar oil is a very lightweight, non-greasy oil which will remove stubborn waterproof makeup, as easily as it will remove excess oil and sebum from the face. Being infused with camellia oil and vitamin E, it won't strip the skin too much, and will leave skin feeling plump and hydrated without leaving any greasiness or a film on the skin. Much unlike others I've tried this didn't irritate in the slightest, around the eye area, and once washed off left no traces on my eyelashes like i'd found with other heavier oil/butter formulas.

I can't sing this products praises enough. I'm definitely enjoying this cleanser to the extent of having my faith restored and cleansers, and my negative attitude to them has gone out the window - I now love cleansing!

Vichy Pureté Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel* - Admittedly I didn't get on as well with this one as I did with the wonderful micellar oil. It's a gel to foam formula, which is also designed to remove impurities caused by pollution, and has a host of ingredients designed to not dry out the skin. I'm a sucker for oils, butters, milks and all formulas that feel like silk on my normal skin type, so for me a foaming formula was something out of the ordinary, and had me ever so slightly too much out of my comfort zone. And to not finish on a bad note, this would be amazing for anyone with oilier skins, especially if you wanted a quick cleanse in the morning.

What do you think? Will you be picking up any of these products to remove damage from air-pollutants? I can't recommend the oil enough, and I'll definitely be stockpiling when this runs out...

Thursday, 30 April 2015

The perfect face oil - African Botanics neroli-infused marula oil

I will hold my hands up high and say that I'm a snob when it comes to all kinds of products. I look with my eyes far before I come to a conclusion about the quality of the product itself. This is why I often rely on samples and trial sizes to introduce me to brands and products I wouldn't usually buy for myself. I ran out of my beloved Clarins Blue Orchid face oil much quicker than I expected as the bottle started nearing the end (*drama*) so I relied on a good few face oil samples to help me decide whether to repurchase or try something new. 

After one application of the face oil in question, I noticed the smell... the heavenly, natural scent that almost had me shaking my head around to get another whiff of the neroli. Of course, I'm talking about this incredible neroli infused marula oil by the brand African Botanics, stocked at Space NK...

african Botanics at Space NK natural neroli infused marula oil face oil treatment

The brand, while having previously slipped under my radar, has an incredible ethos of working with botanical essences to produce the best possible organic skincare solutions. This oil has a super light texture, thats filled with vitamins C, E and all the fatty acids we know are incredible for protecting the skin. I use two or three pumps depending on how much hydration I need; I find it tends to have fully soaked in after an hour, after which my face looks glowing, is well hydrated, and any redness around my jawline looks reduced and much calmer.

I've only been using this for a few weeks so far, but I'm thoroughly loving it - and I can't wait to see of the benefits to the skin from using it long-term. And knowing that there's no nasties in the product is just an added bonus!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Undeterred by Shipping Restrictions - How I got GLOSSIER in the UK (And the Rest of the World)

So when the beauty giants, Into The Gloss launched their own skincare brand, I think we all went a tad crazy, right? The teases of baby pink packaging were all over their Instagram, from them and models alike, so imagine the disappointment when you go on their site to be greeted with the; "We only ship to America" blah-blah message. GLOSSIER, YOU TEASES. DON'T DO THIS TO US! So I sulked, pouted and did all I could to not strop at them on social media (I'm kidding, I totally stropped.)

Amongst my impatience and diva stropping (if you know me, you know I'm good at that, like REALLY good. Combined with my chronic bitch-face, my diva strops are legendary) I managed to come across something I'd never heard of before... Borderlinx. They're a freight-forwarding company that gives you an American address to have your things shipped to, then they take it from there and cover customs charges to get your things shipped out within 4-6 days. While I suck at explaining things, they're really thorough, and super helpful via Twitter if you have any queries, but I cannot recommend them enough. The prices may seem a little steep, but if you're a beauty addict these things just have to be done.

How to get Glossier shipped to the UK and worldwide

While I still want them to work on their UK shipping, I guess this will satisfy in the mean time. I'm off to slap everything on my face simultaneously. So Glossier have managed out of my bad books a little, because just look at that packaging...

How to get Glossier shipped to the UK and worldwide

Expect reviews sometime soon...


Friday, 6 February 2015

My Secret Skincare Weapon - Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Solution Review

While I am blessed with relatively good skin, I do still have my qualms like the next person; "this bit is too dark, that's too light, and UGH... those spots." I do try and keep my skincare routine as simple as it needs to be, and I even winced when the internet informed me of Korean 14 step routines last week. Yikes - FOURTEEN STEPS? This is exactly why I try and pick products that pack a punch...

The Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is something I picked up a while ago, on a complete "I can't resist SpaceNK" whim, not expecting much, but enamoured by the simplicity of the packaging. While it doesn't look like much, this serum brightens the skin, by fading any unsightly dark spots, and evening out the texture to make your skin feel like (for the lack of a better analogy) a baby's bottom. I've tried a good few of the serums that claim to brighten the skin, but none have performed as well as this, and I constantly find myself going back to it eventually. I'd say you've found a winner when it costs £36, but you'll happily throw the money at the sales assistant. (N.B. I do not actually throw money at strangers)

So if you're still in a winter skin slump, or simply looking to spruce up your skincare regime, I can fully vouch for this beauty from Kiehls. (Also, their SPF is amazing whilst you're at it)

Have a good weekend folks!


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Beating Dull Winter Skin

I couldn't have picked a more relevant time to write this if I tried. The ground outside is covered in a layer of ick (formally known as snow, but I much prefer it's new name) and I've been donning a sheet mask, which made me look like a murderer, thanks for asking. All because of the evil season, Winter. While buying a new coat is usually exciting, nothing else about this freezing cold season is. Everyone cranks the heating up, and your skin dries out until it resembles a flaky desert. So I figured I'd share the couple skincare bits I've been turning to to look less like a horror movie character... 

I always underestimate Clarins as a brand, so it was quite surprising for me to realise just how often I use their products during the winter period. Their Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is well raved about, and for good reason. It's a lightweight face oil, which hydrates much more than a moisturiser alone, or can be mixed with a moisturiser to make it slightly more hydrating. My favourite method of application is to take about four drops and massage them into my face with my fingers, then with the Body Shop Facial Massager to encourage the products to absorb into the further layers of my skin. The Radiance booster is ideal, as it's a self tan designed to be customisable, of which comes in handy during winter, meaning I can put one drop into my moisturiser, and have my skin appear less sallow, but without looking as if I'm overly tanned.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre and Avene's Thermal Spring Water are ideal products for day-time use, encouraging your makeup to have a good, well-hydrated base to avoid it clinging to any dry patches. My technique varies with these two, depending on just how dry my skin is, and whilst my techniques may make professional make-up artists cringe, my experimental application tends to work well for my skin. The moisturiser can be used heavily under a base, or can be mixed in as a DIY tinted moisturiser. If the moisturiser doesn't go far enough by itself, I use the thermal water prior to or post base to ensure it is hydrated, which helps to ensure the makeup is even and helps provide that dewy look we all long for.

I won't push drinking water, as I know it's a cliche. But it really does work...


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Getting Rid of Dark Circles? - Strivection Dark Circle Corrector

Eye-bags and dark circles don't make eye shopping easy, do they? Buying a cream to moisturise the area usually does just that, moisturise. Then what happens to the dark circles and anti-ageing? I'm 110% sure that I hate shopping for new eye creams, it's too difficult to decide what I want, and to find the perfect one without spending a near fortune. So I usually source an article online about eye-creams and see which one gets the best reviews, it's not scientific, but it sure does work for a lazy soul like me. This time, I found Strivectin coming out on top... 

Strivectin Get Even Dark Circle Corrector Review

This is a brand I know very little of, I've never tried anything by them before, and I honestly had no clue where even stocks their products. A little scouring on the net had me finding the Get Even Dark Circle Corrector on a site called "Salon Skincare" and with them having it discounted, I stuck this little pot in my basket quicker than I knew humanly possible.

Strivectin Get Even Dark Circle Corrector Review

Strivectin Get Even Dark Circle Corrector Review

Strivectin Get Even Dark Circle Corrector Review

It is the NIA-114 chemical which apparently does the brightening. And I definitely will not be getting all scientific on you, as I simply have no idea what I'm talking about. But I've had this since about March now, and have been using it twice daily to some results. I feel like my overall eye area has definitely been brightened, but not as much as I'd like it to be, and much unlike other eye creams I've used as a treatment, this one does have moisturising properties, so still keeps the delicate skin around the eye area looking soft and supple.

The texture of the cream is very silky and lightweight, meaning its the ideal cream for me. In the past I've used thicker creams, and they tend to feel tacky on my skin, at what point they usually get thrown away, as I hate my skin feeling sticky. This is perfect for day use, given it's so light, this doesn't make concealer sit funny around the eye area, is meshes with the skin as if you haven't just doused your eye area in dark-circle cream. A little goes a long way, and I'm only just about to run this down after using continuously for nearly 5 months.

Strivectin Get Even Dark Circle Corrector Review

I'm still unsure as to whether this will be a repurchase for me immediately, the results from using this weren't spectacular, but the texture was. I'm sure I'll decide to try something new then regret it and return to a brand new tub of this. I guess we'll see...

What are your favourite eye creams? New recommendations for these are ALWAYS welcome.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Glowing Skin - Eucerin Even Brighter Range + GIVEAWAY

It's very much starting to feel like I talk a lot about glowing skin and how to achieve a beautiful complexion recently. So who am I to mess with my current streak? Here's my current moisturiser duo that's helping me on my way to perfect skin, minus the make-up... 

Eucerin Even Brighter Moisturiser and Giveaway
Honestly, I'd never tried Eucerin before these products. I knew very little of them as a brand and stuck to brands like Kiehl's and Bioderma cause I was too damn lazy to branch out. So I decided to suck it up and try something new a few months ago, and since then, I haven't looked back. The Even Brighter range is designed to even skintone and reduce any hyperpigmentation in the skin. 

The moisturisers themselves, are as you can see, very thick. Despite this they apply like a dream and don't sit heavily on the skin, and they're usually quickly absorbed, leaving behind a natural looking sheen to the skin. The day cream especially, has immediate effect, hydrating and plumping the skin to look perfectly dewy, and almost good enough to get away with zero foundation. When used together these are a force to be reckoned with. These will keep skin moisturised and the skin-tone even, whilst the day cream works extra hard, having an SPF of 30, this is the ideal moisturiser for sun protection and preparing skin for make-up.

Eucerin Even Brighter Moisturiser and Giveaway

Much unlike the moisturisers, the little pigmentation stick is nothing short of a huge disappointment and a pain in the a*s. It's doe foot applicator means you can apply precisely to darker areas, but it also means it makes your skincare routine take much longer, and smells completely gross. It ran out after about a month of day and night use, and had done nothing to my skin despite reportedly being a stronger concentration than the moisturisers. Huh? Not for me, Eucerin.

Eucerin Even Brighter Pigmentation and Giveaway


Friday, 18 July 2014

Another French Pharmacy Cult Product - Homeoplasmine Review

With every Escentual 1/3 off French pharmacy promotion you can almost see bank accounts across the country just straining with how much we seem to end up buying, yet not necessarily needing. This time I swore I didn't need anything, but when my family insisted I order them some Bioderma, it would have been wrong to not bump my order price up to meet the standards for free delivery price, right?

French Pharmacy Homeoplasmine review uses
So with a basket filled with micellar water in excess and a bottle of Klorane dry shampoo, I got excessively excited to see that Escentual are now stocking Homeoplasmine. As far as I know, this is the first time Homeoplasmine has been available in this country (don't hold me to it) so after hearing so much about this cult product I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

According to Escentual's site, Homeoplasmine is a homeopathic blend of plant extracts and active ingredients to help minor irritations like cuts, grazes and abrasions and to smooth and intensely hydrate the skin. As of now, I've used Homeoplasmine mostly as a lip balm, and have found it to help speed up the healing process of any small cuts. When used on my lips, I can happily say  it is the best lip balm I've ever used, with no over-exaggeration, this keeps my lips hydrated for a while, without feeling too heavy or sticky on my lips. Using this overnight gets rid of any chapped areas on your lips, doesn't rub off onto your pillow, and keeps your lips from getting dry whilst you sleep. 
French Pharmacy Homeoplasmine Review

As you can see in the above picture, that little blob of clear jelly does boast a similar thickness and consistency to the other cult/multi-purpose moisturiser, Eight Hour Cream. This one however, is clear in colour, slightly thicker and a tad less glossy than the EH offering, not to mention the fact that Homeoplasmine (HALLELUJAH) doesn't have a scent. Despite Elizabeth Arden's claims of an un-fragranced version of EH cream, there's still an unpleasant lingering scent which is off-putting when using as a lip balm.

Honestly? This product is amazing despite the fact it's packaging makes it look like nappy rash cream. So if you can manage to ignore your superficial need for Chanel packaging, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Hope you guys are having a good week! What are you getting up to? I'm still in denial that I'm going to no longer be a teenager after next week, so you can find me on the swings, while it's still *ahem* acceptable.


Friday, 28 March 2014

Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum Review - 1/3 off Escentual

I always feel as if I only really need hydrating products around the winter months, but thanks to the not-so glorious British weather, I feel as if my skin is suffering from winter weather all over again! 

I think when we all think of hydrating serums, the first that will come to mind for most, is Hydraluron. But, I may just prefer this offering from the French pharmacy brand, Avene, a tad more (add orchestrated DUN, DUN, DUUUN...)

This Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum is loaded with my faithful Avene Thermale Water, and BOY does that addition help this serum pack a punch. I have a great relationship with the water, and it's becoming one of of my favourite products (reviewed here, featured here, here, and here!) the soothing and hydrating properties of both the water and serum are refreshing, and natural, ticking all the right boxes in a hydrating product. The Avene hydrating serum claims to soothe red and irritated skin, and despite this not being something I get frequently, I haven't had any redness at all since using this every evening, after the thermal water, and before moisturiser. It isn't fragranced, which is something I appreciate in facial skincare products, and it is a creamy white in appearance, with a similar consistency to yoghurt.

While I'm at it... Escentual still has it's 1/3 off French Pharmacy brands, including this serum, other Avene products, and the rest of the French brands that we seem to be falling head over heels for. I'm so ridiculously tempted to go crazy whilst this offer is on, but "I do not need anything!" (repeat how ever many times necessary, and remove self from all temptation.)


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Most Visited.

After actually paying attention to my "most visited" sites on my laptop, I realised, that with the front-runners being Into The Gloss, Who What Wear and ASOS, my Internet life really does revolve around fashion and beauty! So then my little brain cells got ticking, and I thought how curious I would be to see what my "most visited" beauty products would be. So pretty much, my most-used, but that's just too simple...

Despite how much I think concealer is a miracle product, I have never found the perfect one, whether it be too pink toned, too cakey, or stupidly sheer, but my MAC Pro Conceal and Correct palette is pretty darn perfect. With it having two correctors, and four concealers, you can mix and match tones for a perfect under eye, and blemish concealer. (I don't like having favourites, but it is the yellow, shush.)

I won't go on too long about Essie's Ballet Slippers, as with this being my third bottle now, I think you all now just how much I love this day and night appropriate polish. Clinique Chubby Stick for lips in Mighty Mimosa has never popped up on my blog before, and is still relatively new to me, but BOY have I used a lot of it. It is a beautiful sheer pink balm, doesn't require a mirror to apply, and makes your lips just look incredible. I can't recommend this enough for someone wanting something subtle for daytime. I keep this in my handbag and it really does get used A LOT whilst I am out.

With it having been fashion week month, I'm sure you've all heard plenty about Bioderma Crealine and Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, as they are both well loved by beauty insiders, and are seen in many make-up artist kits around this time of year. Despite being a pain to get hold of, they are both so worth it, Bioderma, being the easiest way to remove makeup, and Embryolisse being fantastically moisturising all day, and giving you the supermodel glow we all try to achieve.

Blistex Relief Cream, is the most un-glamorous lip balm ever, but is the best for my lips, with it being slightly medicated, it doesn't irritate, and deals with the more severe/sore dry lips. I've truly lost count of how many of these I have bought, so it definitely is one of my most used products of all time!

Moroccanoil is loved by so many people, and I truly say this combination of products was the only way I got my hair to grow so quickly and in such healthy condition. I use these as often as necessary, and they most definitely contribute to maintaining healthy hair.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, I'd love to know what your most visited beauty products are!


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Magnitone Pulsar - A Revolution in Facial Cleansing

When the girl we all rely on for beauty news, Jane from British Beauty Blogger, said she was offering the chance for 10 bloggers to review a Magnitone I practically pounced onto my laptop to send her an email declaring "I WANNA, I WANNA!" So I was ecstatic when Magnitone emailed me themselves saying I had been chosen to review... Here's my findings...

The Magnitone Pulsar is a electronic cleansing brush, which is proven to reduce signs of ageing, improve skin quality and reduce the appearance of pores. It can be used on your face and body provided you use the different brush attachments provided in the box, which just slide in and out of the handheld system with ease. (The sensitive heads came separately) The box also includes tons of instruction manuals, making it easy to get used to, and it also comes with a stand and charger system.

With Magnitone claiming that you will see a difference in your skin within 7 days, I thought I would keep notes every day during my first week of usage, and do a break-down of my results:

Day 1- Morning felt like a brilliant exfoliation, skin texture was smooth, and skin looked luminous, however on the second use that day it felt a little harsher on the skin, but I guess my skin was just getting used to it. All skincare products used afterwards seem to be absorbing much better than normal, hence getting more moisture into my skin.
Day 2- The harsh feeling had left completely, and the skin around my nose looked less red.
Day 3- Elasticity and moisture levels of skin seem to be improved
Day 4- I can visibly notice a difference in the (cough) blackheads on my nose, with the skin looking impeccable on my nose, and dare I say, giving me even better results than my beloved Glamglow Super-mud.
Day 5- Skin tone and texture feels and looks completely even.
Day 6- Noticeable difference in application of makeup now, meaning all my foundations go on smoother, last longer, and my skin looks much brighter even without the use of any brightening products.
Day 7- All in all, skin tone is much more even, skin looks plump and is well hydrated, appearance of pores have decreased, I feel much more confident with my skin, and LOVE the results.

It has four different modes, as seen in the picture above, and each holds a different purpose. The sensitive option is, yes, you guessed it, for sensitive skin. Pulse-lift Massage is the most bizarre sensation of the four, but helps blood circulation in your face, which is the magic which helps reduce signs of ageing. Exfoliation (suggested option for your body) and Deep Clean are quite self-explanatory, too aren't they?

I'm SO impressed with Magnitone's facial cleansing brush, and I've no idea how I lived without it. Can't recommend it enough!


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.

Those of you that know me will know I'm never seen without a bottle of water by my side, and for as long as I can remember I have been reaping the benefits of drinking water. Despite the obvious, it keeps you hydrated, and makes your skin look good, water has also been linked to joint and muscle health, regulating kidney and bowel functions as well as weight loss and an increased metabolism. But today I'm not talking about internal benefits of water, I'm talking about the external, with a little review on the Avene Thermal Spring Water I picked up a few days ago.

The label states that this helps to give "Instant relief to the skin wherever it feels tight and uncomfortable." It can be used for sunburn, after anti-acne treatments, nappy rash, minor irritations, razor burn, for setting/cleansing make-up, It's cooling properties are amazing for after outdoor activity, in summer months or for re-hydration while travelling. With it coming in various sizes (the one pictured being a 50ml) there are sizes for every occasion, and I fully intend on buying a full-size one for using post-cleanse, and a couple travel size ones for having in my travel bag, handbag and one by the side of my bed during "summer" - That term being used very loosely provided I live in the doom and gloom of the UK.

Much unlike previous water sprays and other setting sprays, this does apply in a fine mist, not in a "fine mist" which actually leaves you looking more like a wet dog, than one of the models in a skincare advertisement. So far I've used this on my irritated after shaving/sunbathing legs, and as a cooling mist on my face, and for both purposes I have found it soothing, calming and super easy to use (by this, I don't mean I'm an absolute simpleton, but don't you feel that some sprays aren't easy to direct because they have a mind of their own? Is it just me?)

If you weren't already convinced by Avene's Water, check out this video on their site, it's so interesting the history of this, and you'll be surprised and just how long this little beauty has been around for!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Bye Bye, Beauty.

I personally, absolutely love "empties" posts, I think they show a brilliant insight into how good, or how bad a product is. If something is dreadful, it probably won't ever be an empty tube, but if something is amazing, it'll get severely mutilated with a pair of kitchen scissors to get the last teeny little drop from the bottom. And for those who aren't aware of the "empties" concept, it is where over an amount of time, you keep the empty packets of the things you've used up, and comment on what you think of them when you've can determine just how good they really are.

My apologies for the dreadful photography in this post too, I'm in the middle of "having a clear out" making a mess and only have a little area under my window where I can see the floor. And with it being under my window the light isn't the best. But all of a sudden all my products seem to be running out, so I thought I best get all of these out of the way and in the recycling bin.


REN Radiance Perfection Serum- Although I love the scent of this, and its sister product, the Glycolactic mask I just wasn't hooked by this product. I didn't see any improvements or radiance coming from this product, and if I went a day without using it, my skin didn't look dull or feel any different. It does apply like a dream, and feels so lightweight on the skin, but unfortunately these are it's only redeeming qualities. Would I repurchase? No, I've tried better, and I own better.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream-Yes, more Origins... This cream seemed to have lasted an absolute lifetime! I liked it, but not as much as everyone else seems to do. It's illuminating properties are great for days when you want to wear no makeup, but I don't think it offers as much moisture as it could. Would I repurchase? In all honesty, I'm not sure. I'm quite loving the Kiehls eye cream which has circulated into my routine, but if for some reason I started to dislike that, I think I would repurchase this. But I'm not in a rush to replace this. 

Origins Brighter by Nature- For an Origins moisturiser, I thought this one was a little "meh" it seemed quite heavy on the skin, despite its texture being light, and it tended to leave my skin feeling a little tacky. And as for its claim of being brightening, I didn't notice this at all. Would I repurchase? No, this is definitely more suited to day-time and you all know that GinZing is now my one true love. 

La Roche Posay Micellar Solution- You all know my love for micellar water, I won't waffle for too long. This thoroughly removes makeup easily, and leaves zero residue on the skin. Would I repurchase? YES. Completely 110% I'll repurchase this product, and I already have a backup! 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me- This is the first time EVER that I have finished a lip balm. So I guess it's quite the monumental moment for me. But I love this product so much. Would I repurchase? Definitely, my Aunty actually brought me two back from when she went to Vegas so I should be stocked up for a while.


Soap and Glory Clean, Girls Body Wash- A delightful smell, and the lovely moisturising and quick lathering wash that you expect from the much-loved Soap and Glory. I'd go as far as saying this is my favourite wash by them as a brand. Would I repurchase? In the future, yes... But as I have so many various bottles scattered across every inch of my bedroom, I don't think I need any yet!! 

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion- I got this as part of one of those gift sets, the ones with miniatures that costs the same price as the product itself so you think "well I may aswell if it's free" but then it gets stuck at the back of a drawer and not touched. Anyway, I found this and thought I'd give it a quick go, much to my surprise, I loved it! It had a pleasant, subtle scent and soaked in quick enough for me to not freeze whilst running around semi-naked waiting for it to soak in. Would I repurchase? As with the above, when some of my current products have run down, I'll repurchase, definitely! 

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream- Single handedly (okay, great pun, but unintentional) the best hand cream I have ever tried. And like the Baby Lips, this is the first time I've finished a hand cream too, I tend to just fall out with the ones which leave you feeling greasy and with overwhelming scents. The scent of this reminds me a little of baby products, which I don't like but its immediate moisture and it's ability to make yucky hands look worthy of a million pound diamond ring make the scent less of an issue. Would I repurchase? As soon as this finished I was scouring the internet for the cheapest tube (Debenhams- 10% off)  to have it arrive two days later. And let me tell you, those two days were PAINFUL.


Toni and Guy Finishing Shine Spray- This seems to have been discontinued as I cannot find it anywhere. I bought it a couple years back and reintroduced myself to it, to remember why I loved this lightweight shine spray so much. Would I repurchase? Sadly, I can't. Sob....

Avon Moroccanoil Hair Mask- With my Aunty being a Rep for Avon I got this before anyone else did, and yes, I probably should have reviewed it then, but hey... turns out I'm a little slow. (nothing new...) But for its price (I paid £1.50 but Avon prices are forever fluctuating) this hair mask is pretty damn incredible! It's a very thick consistency, like most masks, and after 3 minutes of this being on your hair, and rinsed off in cold water, flyaways are non-existant, frizz is eliminated and sleek locks to envy Mila Kunis will be yours. Would I repurchase? Totally, it's a genuine bargain and makes the greatest companion to Moroccanoil. 


Ted Baker XO EDT- The name "XO" makes me cringe, but as you can see, it had pretty much rubbed off the bottle, and I'd be lying if I said I'd purchased this, I kind of, pinched borrowed it from my Skinny Momma. It's a lovely scent, sensual and timeless, encased in a gorgeous bottle, but like most EDT doesn't have a strong staying power. I'd compare this to more of a body-spray than a perfume. Would I repurchase? Probably not, I have better perfumes at the moment which I'd choose over this. Although I'd recommend this for younger girls, or a gift for someone who you don't know very well.

Valentina Acqua Floreale EDT (Sample)- I'm pretty sure I put this in a wishlist post a while back. This is the most incredible scent, and lasts so much longer than the typical eau de toilette. I absolutely adore it, not to mention the gorgeous bottle of the full-size version. Would I repurchase? Totally. Not quite yet as I do have quite a few perfumes, but this is so lovely I will get a bottle at some point.


Avon Nail Experts Conditioning Cuticle Pen- Currently on a health kick for my nails, and cuticle oil isn't new for me, but I used to use it as and when I needed it, now, I've decided on a every day and night routine. This one has a brush applicator, similar to that in Touche Eclat, enabling you to apply the oil easily and not get a greasy oil all over your finger tips. I quite like this oil, and I'd go as far as saying it's my favourite I've used so far. It has a beautiful lavender scent, which when you apply just before bed is very relaxing and soothing soon as your head hits the pillow. Would I repurchase? Yes, I would. I very much prefer the applicator to other oils even if it doesn't hold as much product as some others.

Eye Candy Lash XLR8- This popped up in my first favourites post a couple months back but hasn't been mentioned since. I thought that once I stopped using it I might end up with dead-looking, sparse brows, but how wrong I was. They seem to be even fuller since I've stopped using this. How this has happened, I don't know... Would I repurchase? Seeing as it didn't actually do anything for my brows, no.

Bassetts on the go Vitamins (Maintain)- As you can see there's two packets of these, so they're definite repurchases for me, but I'm unsure on how you "review" a vitamin... These taste good, there you go... Would I repurchase? I do, everytime I'm about to run out. These must be something like my 8th tubes now.

Hope you've all enjoyed this post. And with the thought of GFC soon becoming obsolete, make sure you click that Bloglovin button in the sidebar, I don't want to lose a single one of you lovely lot!

Lots of love.
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