Thursday, 6 June 2013

Another Amazing Mascara? Lancome Hypnose Star Review

This is now my third post on mascara alone, I think I may be addicted to mascaras. Maybe I should start a weekly mascara feature, "Mascara Mondays" haha! Hope you're all good. As promised, I'm reviewing some of the goodies from my beauty box swap with the lovely Emilie from Someone in the Corner, and today I'm showing some love for this incredible Lancome Hypnose Star mascara.

I'm sure you're all very much sick and tired of hearing me rave on about my much-loved Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara (review here), but, when trying this mascara I couldn't help but compare it to the Dior. First of all, the packaging of this is beyond adorable, it's curved packaging makes it the perfect tube to hold while applying mascara, and the glittery tube draws me to it like a magpie. The product itself is ideal for controlling the amount of product you get on your eyelashes, meaning you don't get clumpy lashes (unless you're half asleep and run this wand through your lashes 99 times). It also gives an ideal amount of volume, length and holds curl for a very natural look, which is exactly what I try to achieve with my mascara. Much unlike the wand of my Dior mascara, this one comes to a point, meaning when I get to the corner of my lashes, I find it a lot easier to apply it without smudging, or getting little splodges (technical term Molly...) on my eyelids.

The wand itself, is almost like a two-in-one, although not at all like the dreadful, brush/comb ones you've seen before which just create a look more like spider's legs instead of eyelashes. When you turn it onto it's side, the wand looks slim, and the bristles are very straight and short, however the other side has longer bristles, in an almost teardrop shape. The widest side is ideal for coating the top lashes, and the slimmer side is ideal for the bottom.

Couldn't help but add a cheeky little snap of my nails at the end of this post. I painted them in one of my new favourite nude colours "Revlon's Gray Suede" and suffered from the "I want to paint my nails again, even though I just painted them" thoughts, so armed with my french manicure tip stickers and Essie's Cute as a Button, I thought I'd do a neon on nude look, which I actually really love. 

Hope you're all doing well. I'm currently craving coffee, so I'm going to scoot off for a big mug of coffee, no milk, no sugar. Yum! 


Monday, 13 May 2013

Holy Grail Mascara

Happy Monday guys. Seeing as Monday's aren't the best day for most of you, I thought I'd bring a mini review on my holy grail mascara! Imagine a bright white light, and angels singing.. it shows my love for this beauty

After the negative post I did the other day on Benefit's They're Real mascara, I mentioned the Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara, and decided I would bring you a post on this, seeing as I think I have finally found a mascara which does exactly what I want and makes my lashes look INCREDIBLE.

Often, the description of mascara boasts unrealistic outcomes, like 130% extra length to your lashes, looks just like false lashes (no, false lashes look just like false lashes...) But this one promises "extreme curl and-spectacularly shaped lashes." and believe me, it does the job like a dream! 

The curved wand fits perfectly into the lash-line, and means mascara application becomes quick, easy and faultless, not to mention, the beautiful fanned-out and seperated lash look you gain from just a couple coats of this mascara. I will admit, that for those wanting more length from their mascaras won't get an excessive amount from this, but if you want your lashes to have zero-clumps, a gorgeous curl, incredible volume and a sure-fire way to get closer to Zooey Deschanel esque doe-eyes, you've got a winner. And if you're a sucker for pretty packaging, don't you think Dior has the most gorgeous luxurious feel to their packaging? 

 Now I don't mean to be a pusher... Who am I kidding?! I love making people buy things (its a curse!) Go, go, go pick one of these up at your local Dior counter or online here at Debenhams, who currently have 10% off!! I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.
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