Monday, 13 May 2013

Holy Grail Mascara

Happy Monday guys. Seeing as Monday's aren't the best day for most of you, I thought I'd bring a mini review on my holy grail mascara! Imagine a bright white light, and angels singing.. it shows my love for this beauty

After the negative post I did the other day on Benefit's They're Real mascara, I mentioned the Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara, and decided I would bring you a post on this, seeing as I think I have finally found a mascara which does exactly what I want and makes my lashes look INCREDIBLE.

Often, the description of mascara boasts unrealistic outcomes, like 130% extra length to your lashes, looks just like false lashes (no, false lashes look just like false lashes...) But this one promises "extreme curl and-spectacularly shaped lashes." and believe me, it does the job like a dream! 

The curved wand fits perfectly into the lash-line, and means mascara application becomes quick, easy and faultless, not to mention, the beautiful fanned-out and seperated lash look you gain from just a couple coats of this mascara. I will admit, that for those wanting more length from their mascaras won't get an excessive amount from this, but if you want your lashes to have zero-clumps, a gorgeous curl, incredible volume and a sure-fire way to get closer to Zooey Deschanel esque doe-eyes, you've got a winner. And if you're a sucker for pretty packaging, don't you think Dior has the most gorgeous luxurious feel to their packaging? 

 Now I don't mean to be a pusher... Who am I kidding?! I love making people buy things (its a curse!) Go, go, go pick one of these up at your local Dior counter or online here at Debenhams, who currently have 10% off!! I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.

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