Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ideal Summer Home Prep with Debenhams Flowers

I'm probably one of the first women to say that I mostly dislike flowers. I don't have any local florists, so if I'm buying fresh flowers they have to come from a supermarket. Which, face it... are overpriced and mediocre looking things that die within a couple of days. (Oh, the glamour.) So when Debenhams Flowers contacted me and offered to send a summer bouquet I only needed a quick glance at their images to realise that these are stunning, and I jumped straight on board. 

I picked the peony, rose and lily bouquet which was overflowing with beautiful, elegant flowers and seriously livened up my otherwise simplistic bedroom decor. The flowers themselves lasted a significant amount of time longer than those of the previously mentioned supermarket flowers and smelled so fresh and lovely, I couldn't help but (against my better judgement) stick my hay fever riddled nose straight in there.

The actual flower delivery was easy-peasy, and Debenhams allow you to choose a day which you want them to arrive. I chose a week later, but they do offer next-day flowers incase you're as clumsy as me and often forget birthdays. On that Monday, the door rang with a delivery guy holding one of the biggest, bright purple, parcel boxes to have ever graced my doorstep. Inside the flowers were placed so to not be disturbed, and secured well, wrapped in a bright green tissue paper. These guys know how to make an entrance...

If you're interested in any of their products, I have a discount code for my blog readers, which will entitle you to 25% off whichever bouquet you choose, either for yourselves or as a gift! Which gives you more money to spend on chocolates and wine, right? 

Use code DFBLOG25 for the 25% discount 
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