Sunday, 22 May 2016

Fragrance Layering - Creativity in Scent

Jo Malone Fragrance Layering
If you don't follow me on Instagram you're doing Instagram wrong you won't know how deep my obsession with perfume goes. It feels like only every other week I'm posting a picture proclaiming my love for my latest perfume purchase.

There's something about fragrance that manages to convey an array emotions, evoke memories, and just look damn cute on your dresser. So that one bottle that reminds you of summer, makes you feel feminine, sexy and powerful... who's to say you can't stretch it further? Tailoring your scent with fragrance layering (or fragrance combining) is a surefire way to make a bespoke fragrance that conveys everything you aim to achieve usually from the one bottle.

While I'm not going to suggest you stop buying one bottle at a time, fragrance layering is an ideal way to repurpose (or experiment with- if you're that way inclined) you're favourite scents.

The first thing to remember about fight club fragrance layering, is that there are no indefinite rules, rather a set of guidelines that will assist in a little scent creativity:

An ideal starting point is to create a little understanding on which notes work well with each other. Typically, perfumes with a common note (both with notes of rose, for example) are likely to combine well, already with scent families created that compliment in their individual bottles.

Heady, intense scents when combined with light can switch perfumes perfectly from night to day but the combination of two intense scents (think Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir/Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme) can descend into nauseating "I bathed in this sh*t" territory.

A fresh, airy floral fragrance can be made significantly more unique through the inclusion of a masculine cologne.

Before you begin layering, a little oil or moisturiser on your pulse points (where you're perfume should be directed for optimum scent distribution FYI) will help longevity of your scent - creating a minor moisture barrier to stop fragrance permeating immediately into skin.

While some combine fragrance by applying different scents to different pulse points, I much prefer to lay down the heavier scent with a spritz of the lighter over the top - ensuring the light doesn't become masked... And that I don't have a feminine smelling wrist, with a masculine smelling neck.

My favourite combination at the moment is Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede and their Wood Sage and Sea Salt - a fragrance completely reminiscent of summer. The beachy, salty vibes of the latter cutting through the distinctive floral of Peony Blush Suede creates something significantly more unique and ambiguous than a traditional floral summer scent.

What do you think of fragrance layering? Have you tried it before, and would you be open to? I think it's a fun way of experimenting with scent - and especially to innovate one which may be getting a little tired.


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Tom Ford Fragrance - Velvet Orchid and Noir Pour Femme

I'm forever strolling into Debenhams to "kill some time," only leaving when I smell of approximately 60 different perfumes and I'm a little nauseous and dizzy from the fumes. After throwing on the entire Tom Ford range, I noticed these two standouts, Velvet Orchid and Noir. Only as much as I tell myself through teary eyes that I don't need over ten bottles of perfume, I find myself googling them for days doing sad puppy eyes. So I settled on purchasing one. Then a week later... I settled on the other. (Shopaholics anonymous, anyone?)

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid and Noir Pour Femme Fragrance Review
Every now and then, there comes along a product, one you just need to have. Regardless of how many packs of noodles you'll have to live off, you just need it. So, my latest positively ridiculous indulgence? Not one, but two Tom Ford perfumes.

Both are beautiful, unique scents. Velvet Orchid (£105 for 100ml) is described as an oriental floral, designed as the feminine little sister to Tom Ford's iconic Black Orchid. With notes of citrus, sensual petals, honey and rum, it is undoubtedly an incredible, timeless scent. To me, I could imagine myself as a flapper girl off to a jazz club wearing this scent. But a girl can dream, eh? It's longevity is unrivalled, with me occasionally waking up 24 hours later and still catching a whiff of this feminine, classic dream. 10/10 - Tom Ford. You know how to make a girl feel sexy.

Meanwhile, Noir Pour Femme (£105 for 100ml) could be overpowering for those unprepared. It is a strong, heady scent, increasing it's longevity - but requiring slight of hand when it comes to application. While Velvet Orchid is distinctively feminine, this arguably could be appropriate for men as much as women. This is where it's beauty comes in... It is very unique for this reason. Whereas other perfumes could be seen as similar to another scent on the market, I have never encountered anything like this oriental fragrance. With notes of citrus, spice and vanilla to name just a few, it encompasses the ethic of the Tom Ford woman - powerful assuredness, and vulnerable romanticism. A perfume that encapsulated femininity as power and romanticism? Count me in.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Current Summer Favourites

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm totally repping shiny skin right now. I don't know how it happened but my nose is occasionally glossier than a mirror. Unrelated to this post, but there you have it. I'm shiny.

I've been obsessed with these products lately. Naturally I had to share them...

The always lovely Dave Lackie surprised me with this little wonder a couple weeks ago, all the way from Canada. This Chanel parfum is utterly beautiful, so feminine and something which really reminds you of the classic floral fragrances. Despite feeling a tad wary of whether or not I want to use it (just so this bottle never ends) I'm finding myself reaching for this more and more. Sorry, Jo Malone, you've got competition.

When something gains the Lisa Eldridge deal of approval you know it's a good 'un. This Works' Perfect Look Skin Miracle is no exception, with a very sheer and buildable texture, this tinted (dubbed moisturiser, I think it's a lot more like a primer!) cream perfects and brightens skin tone within seconds. It takes a lot for some people to fore-go the foundation, and this product is the one that helps you do so. This is the most incredible product, has zero faults and I recommend you buy it, now. (Sorry!) On the topic of beautiful skin, RMS Living Luminizer also helps the This Works product to perform miracles. It's an all-natural coconut oil based luminizer, with zero shimmer, just a beautiful dewy, glossy skinned finish. Completely incredible.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 571 Exotique was a limited edition from about a year ago, and given I managed to get the last one in the store, it was destiny (or so I tell everybody to warrant the purchase). This is the best lipstick for versatility, its sheer formula means you can have a light, rosy glow to your lips, or a full on hot pink pout. Charlotte Tilbury's Five Star Lashes meanwhile, gives you the most fluttery natural lashes, with added length volume and curl. Despite the fact it's somewhat of a pain to get hold of, it's completely worth it, and I'm also infatuated by the Wonderglow primer, but we'll leave that for another day...

For good reason, Homeoplasmine is one of those things I refuse to stop talking about. I dedicated a full post to this beauty, here. Sticking to the French theme, I've found myself reaching for Klorane's natural dry shampoo more than normal. I'm trying to introduce my hair to co-washing, and well, it's currently turning to the grease-side. Yuck! Klorane's dry shampoo is amazing for getting rid of minimal grease at the roots, has very little scent, and is so much kinder than the likes of Batiste.

As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter I will be turning 20 tomorrow! I'm completely in denial that I'm no longer a teenager, so I will be henceforth calling myself "twen-teen." Of course the benefits of a birthday are that I'll be getting presents, and naturally, I've been treating myself more than normal, so expect a haul in the next few days.

See y'all when I'm filled with champagne!


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Favourite Things #4

I'm trying my absolute best to not make a comment about how quick the past month seems to have gone, but in the past sentence I have done nothing but say just how quick the past month has gone. So... I should probably get onto my favourites...

Beauty Favourites-
There's a lot of products reappearing this month, so it should be quite a quick one today, which is quite handy as I'm currently feeling very hungry and in the need of food!

Neal and Wolf Super Shine Spray- As with my other holy grail hair product, the Neal and Wolf Guard heat protectant, I feel sucked in to buy something everytime I go to my hair salon. Laura, my hairdresser used this on my straight hair, and I've never seen it look so glossy and healthy, as it did with this product. Like all of their products, the scent is incredible, the product sprays in an even mist, and doesn't leave hair feeling greasy or heavy. I'll be reviewing this very soon, as I think I've finally found my favourite shine spray of all time! (Insert cheesy Cheshire cat grin here.)

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum- The most beautiful, feminine, elegant and luxurious scent (and bottle- don't lie to yourself, it makes a difference!) I've ever owned. I was bought this last year, and it's definitely one of my favourites in my collection. Thanks to it having been my birthday, I've reached for this one the most, because it makes me feel absolutely amazing.

Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan- One from the last months favourites post too, I'm still loving this tan, and will definitely be applying it later tonight so I can wake up looking a little less deathly than Edward Scissorhands.

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon- As with all Revlon lip butters, it has an amazing, soft and buildable texture, with a lovely natural/glossy finish to it. Wild Watermelon is a gorgeous cherry-red colour, and I like to wear it blotted out to look more like a stain in the summer months when our makeup bags get a summer overhaul.

MAC Quad with Nylon, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters and Mystery- A quad I made for myself, and the colours all go together so beautifully, can look natural or dramatic, and are ideal for day/night. I genuinely couldn't pick a favourite shade from this palette as all four are very, very beautiful!

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara- I'm sure you're all sick of hearing me waffle on about this, so I'll link in the original review for anyone who hasn't seen it just yet.

Essie Nail Polish (Ballet Slippers)- My nails have been in great condition recently, so I've been using my first ever, and all-time favourite polish, more than normal. It's so versatile thanks to how buildable/sheer it is, and like all Essie polishes, has that amazing thick, curved brush which makes application a dream.

Origins GinZing Moisturiser- Another one well-raved about by myself, and I've just repurchased (first moisturiser I've ever repurchased-wahoo!) so I'm truly loving it this month. Original review is here.

Avene Thermal Water Spray- And another with it's own review already... I promise this is a coincidence. This seems like my laziest favourites post yet.

Non-Beauty Favourites 

Chupi "My heart is open" Ring- Ignore my pale hands in the picture above, I'm scrubbing all of my fake tan off to start with a clean canvas, so to speak. My Nan and Grandad bought me this ring for my birthday, and I've never took such care of a piece of jewellery in my life. We're currently inseparable...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Complete Collection- Season 4 is my favourite, and I've been getting through episodes of this like a crazy person. And confession time... My crush on Spike is starting again. Cor, I'm so embarrassing...

Vampire Diaries Books- In my impatient state of waiting for the fifth season of TVD I've been reading the novels on my Kindle for iPad. They're actually quite different to the TV show, which is definitely my preferred out of the two, but these are quite a good easy read for the summer-time, and perfect books for reading whilst on the go.

Hope you've enjoyed this post! And remember you don't have long left to enter my giveaway, to win Soap and Glory, Bumble and Bumble, Millie's Lashes and Maybelline Baby Lips goodies!


Monday, 5 August 2013

Perfume for your Hair?! - Dior J'Adore Hair Perfume Review

Listed on Escentual's website as a "Hair mist" it's easy to say that this is one of the most peculiar things I've ever owned - a hair perfume! It's easy to say I'm quite the sucker for things that are different, I love owning things no one else has (such a drama queen, aren't I?!) so when I read about this in a magazine, and with me being a self-confessed Dior addict, I knew I had to get my hands on one.

This is a 30ml bottle and is priced at £26.35 (at time of posting) on Escentual here in the UK. So, in my opinion is quite good value for money, given that Dior perfumes are a lot higher on the price scale...

The product itself is cased in a perfume shaped bottle, and comes out in a perfectly fine mist, so your hair doesn't get drenched with product, nor does it distribute unevenly in those dreadful little spits that hair sprays often do. I use about three sprays, for the sides and back of my hair, which tends to last from when applied in a morning, to when I scrape my hair up into my Invisibobble at night-time. But this product isn't only for making your hair smell like heaven, it is enriched with Ylang-Ylang oils, providing shine and nourishment to your locks.

The scent, is the same as the J'Adore perfumes, and is a beautiful floral, and feminine scent, with top notes of Ylang-Ylang, heart notes of Damask Rose, and base notes of Sambac Jasmine.

The packaging of this is completely beautiful, elegant, and looks nothing short of amazing lined up with my Miss Dior, Jo Malone and Diptyque on my dressing table. As with most Dior products, it has the little Christian Dior logo etched into the top of the bottle, a nice little touch don't you think?

On the less glamorous side, I feel like my hair smells amazing after washing anyway, so I wouldn't dream of unnecessarily product, so this does only see use when my hair is already dirty. While I like using quite natural dry shampoos, I find they don't disguise any (cue, upcoming TMI) unpleasant scents, so when the scalp is getting oilier, and the ends drier, this comes in more than handy for freshening up your "I really should have washed it last night" hair...

Overall, I love this product, if it runs out I'll definitely repurchase, as luxurious as it is, it really does perk me up, and make me feel so special when I go out. And much unlike the Velvotan Self Tan for the back applicator I reviewed last week, this is a novelty which works, and I thoroughly recommend to anyone who, like me, feels the urge to squirt their perfume all over their hair, too.
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