Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Where does our Inspiration come from?

After having a discussion last week about inspiration and where it comes from, I realised, that we do all get inspiration from the most unlikely of places, and then I set out writing down all the influences and inspirations I have and who or what they've developed from...

I thought it'd be pretty fun to show you in a series of posts the things I feel influenced by, in my body wardrobe and my face wardrobe. (I simply can't help myself, can I?) Today is sponsored by the people that are my fashion influences...

Ashley Madekwe

The queen of making casual look effortless and cool, the former Revenge star managed to turn the most simple outfit into something much more powerful through the use of fantastic accessories. Her wardrobe is completely enviable, and she is a brilliant example of how to combine high-street and designer pieces to build the ultimate female wardrobe. Ashley also runs a blog, Ring My Bell, which is just the most beautiful gallery of endless fantastic outfits.

Phoebe Tonkin

Another gorgeous girl who manages to do casual with the perfect amount of class. I love the way she combines textures and seems to forever have the most beautiful pairs of black shoes. I'm currently falling head over woman heels for this woman, dare I say I have a woman crush. We all hate that saying, I know... but I'm just in love with this lady.

Olivia Palermo

The epitome of ladylike fashion, Olivia P just seems to always have it on point. Her loosely waved hair and familiarity with the boundaries of fashion and how to just push them have her consistently being referred to as a fashion inspiration.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, I found it quite fun to do. I will be doing my beauty influences next, I think. A couple of these lovely ladies MAY just pop up again...


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Street Style on Sundays #2

I absolutely loved doing this type of post last week, it was so much fun, it was (as I have now donned) "Pinning with a purpose." So I thought I'd play around on Pinterest once again and show you some beautiful street style inspiration.

This week, I feel like I've come across so many stunning jackets...

And of the leather variety... (my favourite kind)...

Hope you're all now set for the week ahead in jacket inspiration...

(Once again, none of these pictures are my own, they're all sourced from Pinterest)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wishes and Wants #6

What do you know, once again, I have a lust-list longer than my legs filled with some extravagances that just have my little fashion heart fluttering...

Office Twickenham Patent Loafers
Topshop Tika Skaters
OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow
Dior Addict Lipstick in shade Exotique
Kiehls Ultra Light Moisturiser
Chanel Notes du Printemps Collection

I seriously hadn't noticed until I compiled an image with them all together just how many pairs of shoes and nail polishes I want. Wishlists don't get much girlier do they?

The Office loafers are just a perfect feminine loafer, and would be ideal for work and play, I'm just reasonably terrified of the £95 price tag. If anyone wants to treat me, I'm a size 6. Same goes for the much more casual burgundy Topshop pair, however these come in a lot cheaper at £20, I'd appreciate them in a few colours, especially these, and the cute pastel pink pair.

Dior is my weakness, and it's no secret, but I've been on the hunt for a subtle pink shade with a slight sheen, which looks natural but girly (I WILL be specific where lipstick is concerned) and Dior have it spot on with their Addict lipstick in the shade Exotique. I have a perfect white nail polish by Models Own, and the formula of the polish just isn't there for me, so I'm dying to get my hands on OPI's Alpine Snow after hearing about it being the best white polish out there.

I'm feeling really shocked and repulsed by the fact that after checking all of my day moisturisers, not one of them actually has SPF. I take so much care of my skin, and one little thing has slipped through the cracks. I've scoured the net for reviews on SPF moisturisers, and this Kiehls Ultra Light one, seems to be highly rated by many, and given I love Kiehls as a brand, I think I may have to cave...

I've been swooning over the Chanel Notes du Printemps Spring 2014 collection since the images first surfaced back in November, and no website at all was giving a UK release date, I tweeted Debenhams last night, and they said to look out on the 24th Jan- two days away! Lets all get excited!! My first purchases from the collection will be Le Vernis in Ballerina and Tapage, then I may consider that beautiful frosted pink Illusion d'ombre.

What's on your radar at the moment? Since Spring is (HOPEFULLY) on the way, we all need some wardrobe and beauty updates, right?!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Street Style on Sundays

I LOVE a little bit of Pinterest, and the street style snaps on there can be pretty damn amazing, so I thought I'd do a little bit of style-spo (sorry)  from the website that seems to have females glued to computers and tablets, like a squirrel is glued to nuts.

(Note: don't you just hate people which put "spo" after things, "thinspo" "shoespo"... Shall we not?)

Today I'm ALL over monochrome looks...

Can we take a second to appreciate Elin Kling's STUNNING colour-block trousers in the first picture? Not only a colour palette for casual looks, however, here's some more "less casual" looks...

I've never been in love with a dress as much as I am with Phoebe Tonkin's Alex Perry dress, I literally spent four hours of my life trying to find out who it was by, only to discover it isn't available in the UK. Aussie road trip, anyone?

(None of these pictures are my own, they're all sourced from Pinterest)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wishes and Wants #5

Oh, here we go... More things I want? My ever growing lust list, is doing just that, growing...

These are a few things I'm lusting after...

Top of my lust list is this gorgeous delicate open heart ring by an Irish jewellery designer, Chupi. Isn't it just gorgeous? Another jewellery piece from the brilliant Dixi, a brand which sell the most perfect bohemian and festival inspired jewellery, is the rose gold quartz necklace. You can find tons of variations on these quartz necklaces everywhere, but this is by far the prettiest, with its rose gold accents instead of silver. 

MAC Lipsticks again, I'm telling you, they're like a drug! Pure Zen is a beautiful nude shade, not too pink toned, and not too "concealer lips" so it looks ideal for me. Pink Nouveau is something totally out of character, as I hardly ever wear pinks, but I'd blot this on to leave my lips with a subtle pink sheen. And more Chanel  Le Vernis again? More beauty drugs... I promise these aren't the same shades, Ballerina is more of a milky/french manicure type shade, whereas Tendresse is more of a sheer pink. Both are my favourite types of polishes, and I tend to favour a sheer pink/nude feminine shade over a bold shade in the summer months especially.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder has been popping in and out of my mental wishlist (I sound cuckoo!) for some time now, I guess it's one of those that you just have to try products. I'm looking for a new cuticle oil, and provided that CND Solar Oil is used by a lot of beauticians and after application of Shellac I thought it would probably have the most benefits for my nails. Who knows? Another to give a go...

It's no secret that I'm a little bookworm, I have been for as long as I can remember, and surprisingly, I still haven't read the Notebook, or any Nicholas Sparks novels for that matter, so I'd love to get my hands on a few to read. Seeing as I know have a new lamp in my bedroom, I can finally read at bedtime again, woohoo!

And a little less realistic, but still completely on my "please be mine" radar....

Yes, the jacket has popped up before on my wishlists, but provided I'm a big biker jacket fan, I NEED this real leather one to be gracing my wardrobe soon. Mulberry bags and I have an odd history, I haven't actually owned one, but when I went into John Lewis last year, I tried to take one off the shelves to look at it close up... Little did I know it was hooked up to an alarm system which just started blaring across the whole floor. I was dying of shame, I didn't know whether to run or stay there... Totes awkward... 

Despite already having a camera, it isn't a full DSLR, so that's my excuse for wanting a new one. I did Photography at College and I enjoy it a lot more now that I'm not being graded on it, so I'd love to have one of these! 


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wishes and Wants #4

Wow, my fourth wishlist already? This means, I want a lot of things, which sounds about right where I'm concerned...

But before I start, I'm gonna be all soppy on y'all... I reached 100 followers the other evening, and I'm beyond flattered! Thank you so, so much! To thank you, I'm going to do a giveaway, related to one of my most popular/most mentioned products on my blog. So far, I've been considering (as well as other little things!) Bumble's Surf Spray, Origins GinZing moisturiser, an assortment of Crownbrush makeup brushes, or maybe a high-end mascara?! Feel free to say anything you've seen on my blog, as of course I want the gift to be related to my blog, instead of something silly! What do you all think? I'd love to hear your opinions, after all, I don't want to be doing a giveaway no one cares about entering! Oh, and one more... Rafflecopter, yay or nay? Do you prefer entering giveaways via comments, or rafflecopters?

This wishlist is actually an outfit, which I want need for my birthday, which I cannot believe is only a month away! It only feels like a couple months ago we went for a birthday shopping spree in Chester, then got stuck in traffic for about four hours in the boiling heat on our way home. It wasn't the best experience, considering the car's air-con had stopped working...

This beaut of a dress popped up on my Facebook feed this morning and just immediately made me think of a birthday dress. It's a little on the pricey side, but who doesn't love to feel beautiful and fashionable on their birthday? The dress has the perfect bohemian edge for my liking, and I've been looking for a fringed bag for so long, this one is absolutely perfect, and would look incredible with this dress. 

I've also fallen in love with these shoes, the pointed toe, cut out detailing, medium heel and ankle strap make for pretty much everything I go for in a pair of heels. (I'm not too sure if that makes sense... this mornings HTML and CSS ventures have scrambled my brain cells... Not that they weren't already scrambled.) I'm also pretty lucky having my birthday on July 24th, as it seems to always be sunny! I'm not over-exaggerating when I say, it can pour down every single day on the run up to my birthday, but will be so warm and sunny on the 24th, then back to rain on the 25th, so I usually need some sunnies. These Jeepers Peepers "Audrey" sunglasses are absolutely gorgeous! And the price is so reasonable, I need these to finish off my outfit!! 

Birthday's aren't the time to experiment with make-up and beauty, you just want to pick your favourite things, and feel as amazing as possible. Emprise by Chanel looks like a beautiful pale pink, which is pretty much my go-to nail colour. Beauty wise, I'll have my clip-in extensions in, with a natural wave to my hair, a nude lip and probably minimal eye-makeup with full lashes, using my Eylure individual lashes on the outer corner of my eye. 

Love all you lovely lot, it's nearly the weekend, thank god! How are you spending yours? I'll be shopping for all

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Its all about the details: Today's Outfit

Hat- Supertrash
Trousers- ASOS
Shoes- Zara
Rings- ASOS
Watch- Daniel Wellington 
Bracelet- Etsy 

Thought I'd share the details of my outfit which are some of my favourite pieces at the moment. Off for an eye test, and looking forward to a new pair of specs. Sad, I know.. but I have my eye (pun wasn't intended) on a pair similar to those Zooey Deschanel's character has in New Girl. Happy Saturday!


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wishes and Wants #2

Hey guys! Just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported my blog so far. Its been incredible to speak to some of the lovely bloggers and I didn't think anyone would be reading my ramblings, so the love you have all shown me has seriously cheered a girl up. Anyway, enough with the soppy comments, I've got a few of the things I've been lusting for this week... Hope you enjoy!


ASOS Flapper Hair Band- I feel like I've been waiting years for Baz Luhrman's Great Gatsby adaptation, and now its finally about to be released, I feel like I want to release my inner Daisy and get a fringe dress and beautiful hair accessories like this one from ASOS. Not too sure when I'd get chance to wear it, so I think it would become one of those "pretty to look at" pieces, which I could do with more of, right?!
Karl Lagerfeld Glasses- I'm due an eye test very soon and I'm on the lookout for some Jessica Day (If you don't know she is Zooey Deschanel's character in New Girl, Google it RIGHT NOW. I insist you watch it.) esque glasses. I came across Glasses Direct after a blogger posted a giveaway on them, so I had a quick look and they just have the most amazing prescription glasses which you cannot find in the high-street opticians like Specsavers.
Topshop Mono Tapered Trousers- Every time I wear printed trousers I feel like lots of people stop me and ask where my outfit is from, and it gives me the greatest feeling (Thank you to all the lovely ladies who show love for my clothes!) so, I want more. "They just jumped into my basket, the same way I just slipped and typed in my credit card details."
Zara Cowboy Ankle Boots- Every person should own a pair of ankle boots. I personally, own about ten pairs... but I can't stop buying them! I feel like I need a summery pair, and for the amazing price, these fit the bill.
All Saints Walker leather jacket- I have an obsession with biker jackets, but yet do not have a real leather one. This is the most perfect leather jacket I have ever laid my eyes on, and I would love whoever bought me this eternally.


Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser- Saw a picture of Nina Dobrev at the launch of this new moisturiser, and being a HUGE Nina and The Vampire Diaries fan, and a huge Origins fan, I feel like I need this. I doubt it'll take long for this one to shuffle into my online shopping basket. I look forward to seeing you Mr Postman... (Revert. I actually ordered this after writing this post last night. Bad Molly.)
Dior Amber Diamond- Why is it that when you can't have something, it makes you want it more?! Well, I'm obsessed with looking for this. I just cannot find it ANYWHERE, and it makes me want it more and more, and more.
LDN: Skins Lotion Tone 2- I already own the Tone 1, and I love the formula, the mitt, the scent, just everything about this tan. I want a shade darker so that I can put one layer on and gain a deeper colour, as the other is much more of a gradual tanner.
Valentina Acqua Floreale Eau De Toilette- Got a sample of this with a Debenhams order, I found it the other day and couldn't stop smelling it, its just so beautiful, not to mention the amazingly beautiful bottle with decorative roses. I tend to only stick to EDP as the scent lingers for longer, but this one definetly has the lasting power of a parfum.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Complete DVD- I have an undying love for this TV programme, for ten years of my life. So it seems only fitting that I have them all on DVD. I did used to own nearly all of them, but on VHS (HA.. remember them?!)
Jodie Leather effect tub chair- Simple black armchair from Argos. Considering I'm not in college anymore, I want to put my iPad speakers on my desk and have it as a mini TV-area, and to do that, I need to get rid of my swivel chair and put in something comfier. This is just my cup of tea. Hint, family... hint.
Pretty Little Liars Season 3 DVD- My Aunty is actually going to America in about a month, and will be there when this comes out so will be bringing me one home. I'm very impatient, however, and I'm dying to get my hands on this!
Jensen Ackles - Okay, so this post wouldn't be very "me" if I didn't write something a little unrealistic or crazy. So yes, with my obsession with Supernatural bordering on addiction, I'm also falling in love with Jensen Ackles. Aim high, right?!

As mentioned in one of my last couple posts, I'm thinking of doing a few "Collection" posts. I'll probably be bringing you my vast (but still not yet big enough) DVD collection, my makeup collection, MAC Lipsticks and eyeshadows, and Essie Polishes. So keep an eye out for a look into how much of a hoarder I really am....

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wishes and Wants

My online shopping addiction means I have a never-ending obsession with creating mental lists of things I'd quite like to own. Here a few of the things I wouldn't mind getting my hands on...

Saw this top (or maybe a similar one) on Olivia Palermo, and she's a huge influence in what I buy, so I soon decided I wanted to add this to my vast chiffon white top collection. Another Zara pick, the infamous City bag, revamped with buckles. This version is much more up my street, and don't you think it looks more expensive than its predecessor? I tried this Topshop jumpsuit on in the Manchester Arndale store on Monday, I absolutely loved it, it just fitted perfectly and looked dreamy. I didn't get it however, because, the colour is really light in person, making me think will it become dirty soon as I sit down anywhere, and the price is pretty steep for a jumpsuit, because how much wear will I actually get out of it?! I think I'll be doing a "pros and cons" of this beauty before I make a purchase.

I have two pairs of ASOS sunglasses already, and you simply cannot beat them for the price, quality and the amount of different styles available. Plus, I've wanted some round sunglasses for quite a while, so these seem like the perfect pair.

I'm a big fan of scented candles, but the larger ones simply don't agree with me, as I think I may be slightly allergic so trying to get a clean burn is often hard, because I don't want to have them burning for hours, which makes me feel unwell. A candle with three wicks will surely make a clean burn easier? And with Spring (supposedly) round the corner, a citrus scent seems fitting.

As a huge fan of the Bumble and Bumble surf spray, hearing the news about the new Surf Shampoo and Conditioner sent me into excitement overdrive. These are out on May 1st according to Into the Gloss, who I found the images from. I will be amongst the other fans queuing to get my hands on these, I'm pretty sure they'll be a sell out!

Adding date to calendar. Right. Now.

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