Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wishing and Wanting #9

1- Acne Jensen Boots 2- Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Palette 3- Rosie for M&S Satin Pyjamas 4- Diptyque Mimosa Candle 5- Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate 6- Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'Eau EDP

Words cannot describe how much I want those ankle boots. They're literally the most perfect boot. The question is, would I actually wear them or be terrified of ruining a pair of £390 boots?

Bobbi Brown have just released their new Smokey Nudes collection and this palette is a stunning little sliding compact with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. It's gorgeous, I seriously want! Keeping to the makeup theme, how luxurious is Tom Ford's Shade and Illuminate? It's one of those things you wouldn't even consider buying for yourself but if the right person just chose to gift you with supermodel cheekbones...

Since winter is coming I may aswell stock up on pretty PJs and candles too, right? I've just ran out of my beloved Neal and Wolf candle so I'm looking for something as pleasant and comforting to fill the void.


Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Moodboard #2

Currently surviving (not very well, might I add) off about two hours sleep, and frankly, I'm outrageously tired. I've a sore throat and would like to just complain all day and feel sorry for myself. Instead I thought I would scour the pages of Pinterest and Tumblr and make another Monday Moodboard. Except its Tuesday, so this will go live next Monday. It's all so confusing for a simple mind like mine.

(None of these pictures are my own. All are sourced from Pinterest)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Street Style on Sundays #7

Totally obsessed with complete Minimal Animal style at the moment. Not the whole "Normcore" boring style, the chic, clean-lines minimal style. (The "animal" was just me thinking I'm funny.)

Minimal and Chic Street Style Slouchy
You've had the slouch variety... Now the structured...

Minimal and chic street style tailored

Hope you're all having a great weekend. I'm off to indulge as much as humanly possible. Champagne counts, right?!

Images are all off Pinterest.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Haul of the Large Variety

As I write this, I sit angrily staring at my camera, that has temporarily decided to go kaput. Of course I'm not actually sitting giving a Canon camera stink-eye, I just do every time I'm stuck for words. I did promise quite a while ago to share another haul, which I just managed to shoot before my camera went to sleep. So there is some good news to accompany the bad.

Here's some of the things I've bought recently... (And pretty please do note, that some of these were birthday gifts, some bought with birthday money, a couple were gifted by companies, and some were bought with various reward cards). 

Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury haul

Naturally, there's a good dose of Chanel. I'm obsessed with the Destiny cream blush and the mascara, so they will be popping up here on ze blog, and on my face much more! Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Utopia was something I felt completely smitten with, and it's pretty much the lavender version of Emerveille, but the purple tones are much more brightening on the eye area (apparently lilac lids are something we associate with children, hence the anti-ageing. Smart!)

I caved. After buying my first Charlotte Tilbury bits a few months ago, I had to jump on the Filmstar Bronze and Glow bandwagon, and BOY is it amazing. (I'll be reviewing all my CT bits on The Beauty Corner soon.) When you think Dior can't make even better nail polishes, they go ahead and reformulate to a gel-finish and release beautiful vintage red shades like Rouge 999 - I'm in love! And needless to say, I just NEEDED two more lip balms. 

I'm blaming the purchase of this wonderful bottle of Lani hair treatment on Steph, cause it's always much easier blaming it on someone else. This is an all-natural hair oil treatment, that smells like holidays, and does incredible things to your hair. I insist you try it. And as I found a LookFantastic discount code, and kept hearing about Shu Uemura's Art of Hair products, I am a bad person that doesn't need this many hair products had to make a purchase.

More hair products? I have a problem. Another oil? Yes. Neal and Wolf were darling enough to send me the blow dry balm to help me along the way whilst I'm introducing my hair to cleansing conditioner. FYI, the first stage isn't pretty, but when you get used to it, you feel like you're living a shampoo commercial. The lightening spray is 110% justified, if you could see my roots you'd be trying this too. My hairdresser is on maternity leave, so I wanted something to keep me going until she got back. Unfortunately I chickened out, and I'm still waiting on her return, just this time with about 2 inches of roots instead of 1cm. 

No haul is complete without a couple bits from Space NK. After running down my second bottle of REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal I was impatiently trying to replace it - I love this stuff! I wish I could say the same for the He-Shit tan (That was HONESTLY a typo. It seems pretty darn relevant though.) which is the worst fake tan I've ever used. It soaks through mitts, smells of biscuits, and has zero benefits, whatsoever. BOO, what a waste of money.

This beautiful necklace was my Birthday present from my Nanna and Grandad. I love it so much. Dogeared has lots of jewellery with meaning, and the packaging helps make it so much more personal. I can see this becoming attached to my neck like no necklaces have done before.

What does anyone that's obsessed with fashion do with their birthday money? Ray-Bans of course! These are the small Clubmasters, and they're the perfect mix of classic styling, hippy influences, and the ideal amount of me in the reflection. Hey!

With my Waterstones card collecting money like there's no tomorrow, I went a tad book crazy. I love reading, so I like having a good selection to choose from when I'm due a new read. I'm currently reading Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, and it really isn't the best book to read in bed, but it's definitely peculiar...

Hope you're not all wasting away by the time you've reached the bottom of this post. Congratulations though, you've made it, you can go and get a cuppa now and go back to the real world.

Lots of love.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday Moodboard

Cause Monday's make us all lazy...


equipment’s original shirt unbuttoned

(credit : tumblr/pinterest/intothegloss)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day of Birth* Wishlist

*Because calling it my "Birthday Wishlist" would be too darn easy.

With my 20th (sob, goodbye teen years) birthday coming up on the 24th July I thought it'd only be fair to do a wishlist so you all know what to buy me... FYI - Excessively cheeky hinting wasn't intended, but soon became completely irresistable.

I very rarely ask for jewellery on Birthdays and Christmas, for the simple fact of how fussy I am with it. I tend to wear only gold or rose gold, which of course has to be quite minimalistic and simple, and able to be worn alone or with a mixture of pieces. Yeah, I am fussy. These Dogeared pieces are so beautiful, and the meaning behind each piece just adds the little extra something, the lotus flower necklace is beautiful, and the Karma ring is so cute (I'm a size M, wink.)

It doesn't seem to be long ago I was obsessing with Chanel Spring, and well, now the Summer collection is here, I already treated myself to Tutti Frutti Le Vernis, so it needs a colourful companion, in the form of Sweet Lilac. Sticking with the Chanel theme (I'm predictable.) I love the look of Sublime De Chanel mascara, and given I'm in the market for a new one, why not? And the Charlotte Tilbury compact is just incredible, but a bit of a splurge to buy for yourself, who doesn't want bronzed and glowing skin from using one product? Charlotte Tilbury.. I salute you and your beautifully designed products.

I've been adoring these River Island courts for a while, and after trying them on, I'm still in love with them despite the fact that I had to size up to a 7. But seriously, they're so beautiful - WANT! And of course a Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester is wishful thinking, but think big, ey?

So everyone feeling generous enough feel free to take the hints, please do so, or give me anything dipped, covered and fried in chocolate.


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Street Style on Sundays #6

The idea of sheer fabrics and loose fabrics have always appealed to me. Obviously I'm not talking about a completely sheer cling film maxi-dress, I mean the beautiful lace trims on a pencil skirt, or the semi-sheer chiffon shirt...

Peekaboo accents on tops are just beautiful. Whether it be lace with a crop top underneath, or chiffon with a lace triangle bra. Always super feminine when toned down on the bottom half. (Or basically, the boobs or legs rule.)

I'm dying to get my hands on one of these peekaboo type lace skirts. They're so beautiful, especially when styled like the second picture with a button down casual shirt.

As always, pictures are from Pinterest.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

ASOS Wishlist X Monochrome

ASOS, needs little introduction, it's an absolute weakness isn't it? With every daily drop of new clothes I find myself fawning over something new and with a lust-list getting bigger (and smaller with every order) I thought I'd share the things I want. A lot. 

I'm not sure how my whole "saved items" section on ASOS ended up all monochrome, but it did, and these are the things that should probably be prioritised under the "NEED" category of my saved items. 

I love basics, ASOS are always my go to, and this grey V-neck American Vintage tee is pretty darn pricey, but apparently they last longer than cheaper basics, I want. (My question is; can it survive spaghetti bolognaise?) Despite this Elle Macpherson Intimates set being a slight monochrome cheat, IT'S SO PRETTY. 

I'm not too sure why I like a simple black slip dress as much as I do this, but it just has something that keeps making me go back to it... The clean white bandeau jumpsuit is just so beautiful, isn't it? It reminds me so much of the Whistles Lovebird jumpsuit, that sold out before anyone even knew it existed.

And the black Senso boots, well they speak for themselves don't they? A super hefty price tag does put you off a little, but black leather ankle boots are something I wear a lot every day and these are just that extra bit more badass than a regular black pair. 


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Street Style on Sundays #5

Where the hell have I been? With all sincerity, I have no idea myself.

I've developed an overwhelming obsession with Katie Cassidy's style, which is truly being reinforced with her fashion blog, Tomboy KC. And from this, I seem to really be favouring tomboy-ish and masculine looks instead of the usual "lady" clothes that seem to pop up as soon as the sun starts to make an appearance.

Borrowed from the boyfriend...

Feminine and Masculine combined... 

Probably the safer option of the two, to try out masculine/tomboy dressing. Love a masculine jacket paired with a floaty dress, or leather trousers with heels, not to mention the shirt tied around the waist of your dress. No belt needed.


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Street Style on Sundays #4

QUICK NOTE: You can now pin directly from my snaps here. Hover over the image, click, and you'll be ready to pin... Whether any of you are as excited as I am, I don't know, but it's totally worthy of a mention...

I love a bit (okay, a LOT) of denim. Me and my jeans are inseperable. When you add leather to the mix, you can guarantee that I will squeal like a little girl at material heaven.

First lot of street style inspiration is denim for spring time, or British summers, whichever way you want to look at it...

Of course I had to compile denim for summer looks too... 

Hope you've had a great weekend so far. Lots of love.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Street Style on Sundays #3

Here's me wishing summer would just hurry up... we're all done with winter now, right?!

The long-length and the floaty...

And the shorter...

Now we just need the sun.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Recent purchases (temporary AND permanent)

Thought I'd gather up some of the things I've been buying (and doing!) recently, and share them, cause you know, I have nothing better to do. The fact that these seem to be following a colour scheme is a pure accident. As much as I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, I swear...

The This Works Perfect Legs Gradual Tan (aaand breathe...) is actually a repurchase for me, and has popped up here a few times now, and it is my go-to tanner for my legs in summer given it smells like henna. I think I bought it hoping summer would hurry up, a few days in, nothing yet...

The Kerastase Cristalliste range just sounded perfect for what I was looking for in a shampoo and conditioner, so I thought I'd give these ago when I had a "better than nothing" 15% off FeelUnique haircare.

The Kiehls serum was one I used not too long ago, was unsure whether to repurchase or not, but everything in between has been fifty shades of disappointing, so it's baaaack! And the world-famous eight hour cream? Well... curiousity killed the cat, I felt like I finally had to try it, and so far, I'm pretty darn impressed by this multi-tasking wonder.

My favourite bargain OF ALL TIME goes to this leather jacket from Whistles, which was the only one left in the store, and in my size, and in the sale, and also had 25% off. If that isn't destiny, then what is?

Just look at that... (insert heart eyes emoji here)

I'm in love with it down to the detailing of the little hanger that is actually a chain. Beats a little fabric loop that usually rips.

The weirdest thing you will ever see in a haul type post, but YEP I got a tattoo. It's my first, and despite how terrified I was beforehand, it was pretty exciting. I had it done a few weeks ago, and managed to keep it pretty quiet until it healed.

At least now the title will make sense to you (I hope?)

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