Sunday, 2 November 2014

Brow 101 with Eylure

Brows are one of those things that when we were growing up, just existed. We plucked them, a lot. And other than that, we just didn't care about them too much. It's only recently that having perfect brows has become one of the things we lust after most. 

Eylure brow styling products
Eylure Brow Stencils* - £4.95

These are the thing I got most excited about when Eylure launched their new brow range, the pack of brow stencils. Despite them not seeming too exciting, I have a serious case of wonky brow, and both look like they belong on different people so I'm constantly trying to get a teeny bit more symmetry. I know "brows are sisters, not twins" but what if they were to be twins, just not of the identical variety? And I can't just simply go to a salon, because truthfully I don't trust anyone around my eyebrows where wax is involved.

Each pack provides four stencils, Slim, Medium, High and Full arch, each providing a different arch and thickness. I like to alternate between full and medium to help shape my brows in the way most similar to my natural brow shape. I place the stencils over each brow and shade in heavily with my usual brow powder. When I remove the stencil I'll be left with a terrifyingly uniform slug on my face that means I can get go happy with the tweezers.

These are working so well for me, and I truly recommend them to anyone with fuller brows that's halfway to terrified by the idea of a beautician doing them.

Eylure brow styling products
Eylure Brow Nourishing Oil* - £8.45

Slap me if I'm wrong, but I do believe this is one of the first brow growth products from a high-street, popular brand? Given most brow oils and growth promoters are on the costly side of things, the Eylure one makes a nice purse friendly addition to anyone's routine. Rosemary oil is one of the main ingredients, which will help promote blood circulation, thus helping the hair follicles grow healthily and stronger. I have noticed that my brows seem to be growing better than normal since using this, and I've been having to trim them more often. I'm not sure if after using this nightly for about 4 weeks I should be seeing serious results, but I would say they're definitely healthier and much more manageable. Plus, my skin surrounding the brow seems to be getting less irritated by my hair removal methods since starting using this oil. 

Eylure brow styling products
Eylure Brow Trio in Dark Brown* - £9.95

Brow palettes are one of those things that I cannot get enough of. As much as I love using MAC eyeshadows and my Anastasia Brow Gel, having everything in one place makes everything seem so much easier. This includes a wax, a coloured powder and a highlighting powder, which is completely new to me, as I've never to this date felt the need to highlight under my brow.

I applied this in the same way I would normally (with my usual brushes, instead of the one included) with an angled brush and brushed through with a spoolie to soften any harsh lines. I then went in with the highlighting powder on the angled brush provided and blended out with a fluffy brush. This made a HUGE difference, and it really made my brows look much more defined, and it seemed to cover up any of the fine "baby" type hairs under my brow. To finish off, I slicked some of the wax on lightly to set my brows and brush upwards. After this my brows stayed defined from morning to night and never strayed, because face it, eyebrows sliding to your cheekbones isn't a good look.

Eylure brow styling products
Eylure Permanent Tint for Brows (Single Application)* - £9.95

Ok, confession... I haven't used this. Last time I used an Eylure dye I had a really bad reaction so I decided not to risk it. My Aunt soon swiped this off my hands and slicked it on her brows, using the teeniest amount of product and finding it went way further than anticipated. So despite the single use claims, if you're careful when squeezing out the product you should get at least 3 applications (but don't hold me to it). I'm usually her brow guru, and she usually goes for a black tint which can look unnatural, so leaving on a dark brown for a minute longer develops into a beautiful deep brown/black which helps to give the appearance of thicker and more defined brows.

And there's just what can only be described as a snippet of my high-maintenance eyebrows, if you're interested in knowing the rest; the tweezing, trimming and shaping, let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Lots of love.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel (Granite) - A Review from the Fussy Brows

It's no secret that brows are completely important to me, and given I've been blessed with a well shaped, full pair, but as blonde as my hair, they tend to be high-maintenance on the products needed to keep them a nice shade of brunette. And before someone questions my choice of brow colour, bare with me... I have got blonde-ish hair naturally, and yes, my hair is a warm blonde now, but I don't suit warm brows (like, AT ALL) so I tend to go for an ashy brown... 

So yeah, having shared an overly long story about my brows with you... Here's what I intended on talking about... 

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Granite Review
Anastasia Beverley Hills, the cult brand, founded by Anastasia Soare, the genius behind many A-List celebrities brows, is easily working it's way into the mainstream beauty industry. With all her products being designed to be affordable and easy to use, its understandable that Anastasia is quickly becoming many people's go-to for brow products.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel Review in Granite

I have a love/hate relationship with brow gel. The kind that leave you with crispy slugs on your face aren't my cup of tea, yet the ones that seem quite soft, then start to crumble into little lumps on your brows (attractive!) aren't much better. I really do like MAC Beguile, but it is SO pigmented there is no easy way of applying it, you really need to dedicate some time to getting it perfect. So I caved, thought I'd try Anastasia's Tinted Brow Gel in Granite. With this being the shade leaning most towards grey, I thought it'd be perfect for my fussy brows.
When it arrived I felt utter confusion at the shimmer particles I could see in the tube... Like, hang on, if I wanted Dior brows, I'd have used a gold eyeshadow?! So, needless to say, I waited until I had zero plans to trial this... (Don't worry, it doesn't translate. Phew!)

I was totally blown away by how perfect the shade is, and how easy it is to apply. The slightly curved wand allows you to precisely apply the product where you want it, and the levels of pigment weren't ridiculous, meaning you can use it quickly, on its own, or over brows already filled in with powder. The "crispy" levels weren't too high, but I'm beginning to think that if a brow gel is to leave the hairs feeling natural, then how much hold can it really have?! I'd say I've probably got the perfect compromise right here.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel review in Granite

All in all, this is by far the best I've tried. Probably would get a 9 out of 10. Nothing's perfect...

I got mine from Cult Beauty, for £16.50.
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