20 year old from Manchester with a love for all fashion and beauty.

I have A-Levels in Media Studies, Photography, Film Studies and an AS Level in ICT (I had zero motivation, oops!) and wish to be a Journalist in the future... If anyone at Elle or Vogue sees this, I'm happy to be your editor till I die... Thanks. Currently studying at Uclan.

I've quite the penchant for anything luxurious, as I'm sure you'll find out soon enough. Any new Chanel or Dior releases? You can pretty much guarantee I'll be there credit card in hand.

I'm alarmingly obsessed with some TV programmes. Namely the fantasy ones, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural... They're basically all I tweet about. OH, and pizza.

I started this blog as, for a few years now I've looked at blogs and felt so inspired, I wanted to do the same for others. I also wanted my own little space to vent, be creative and share my opinions on the latest fashion, beauty and other things in my little world.

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