Thursday, 10 September 2015


You might have noticed i'm currently in the middle of a little bit of a hiatus. Not just from my blog, but also from Instagram and Twitter. I feel so uninspired by the whole thing. And with the recent, death in the family, I've never felt more like I, frankly, don't give a shxt care about the whole, seemingly selfish community. While I'm still pinning like a crazy person, I feel like all my other platforms (blog included) are me trying my best to produce content, spending a lot of time and effort to create something people would enjoy to read only to feel underwhelmed with the result. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making this a thing about numbers, but I feel like no one is reading my blog, like no one is even interacting anymore. I don't think I'm the only person to feel this way recently, but everything just seems so boring and dried up.

I don't think this is me signing out for good. I've achieved and accessed so many opportunities from my littler qualm I currently have, however, is my lack of endless lipstick supply. I can afford new lipstick, sure. I can afford two new lipsticks if I wanted them. The thing is... I don't NEED them. I have lipsticks I love, I have a mascara I love, and wouldn't dream of replacing it with anything else. So what happens when the material dries up because you're using the products you know work for you? I'm not going shopping for drugstore makeup because I'd be talking about things I don't care about it, and I've more moral integrity than that. And I'm also not going to buy products I don't like because it's trendy. (Contour palette? You have one face, do you need so many different shades? Not really.)  

I don't think this is me signing out for good. I've achieved and accessed so many opportunities from my little creative space of the internet which I call Lyon Notes.

I think this is me mostly saying I think I'm mostly over beauty blogging. I want to make the move over to fashion, because it is, and always has been where my one true passion lies. (My inability to leave Pinterest proves this.) But it isn't as easy as a white background for beauty photos, and I'm not sure if anyone would even be interested?!

At the moment I feel like this break might have been the best thing for me, and i'll still probably be absent for another couple of weeks. Hopefully logging my thoughts publicly gives me the kick up the backside I needed to go and shoot some outfits outside? We'll see...
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