Friday, 17 July 2015

Why is "High-Maintenance" A Dirty Word?

Sure, for the eagle eyed, the grammar police, and for well, myself... "high-maintenance" isn't a word, but rather a combination of two. So ignoring this completely, shall we get onto the latest topic that's been getting on my nerves (just one of them, at least. We'd be hear days talking about all of  the things that irritate me.)

Like everything else, phases come and go. (Big butts will be over soon, just you watch.) At the moment, the premise of being someone that is high-maintenance is frowned upon. Looking after your hair, skin, nails and body is seen as something which would make you prissy, and more and more products are being designed to make everything quick and easy. BUT, WHAT IF YOU ENJOY SOME BEAUTY DOWN-TIME?

I can seriously appreciate products that make everything much less of a faff, and those that are designed to look natural, and like, well... nothing. But despite the fact that I try to look as low-maintenance as possible, it doesn't mean I didn't spend ten minutes that morning getting my hair to look "natural" and a good half hour applying fake tan to stop me looking like a corpse.

Needless to say, I'm not going to be supporting those with orange tans, 5 sets of false lashes and even more hair extensions any time soon. (scouse brows, anybody?!) But what if, that fake tan we apply, the expensive perfume, the luxurious lipsticks just make us all feel damn confident? Is that really such a crime?

Of course I'm not the first person to bring up the fact that the internet now seems to prefer shaming those that wear makeup to those that don't. (No, fellas we ain't lying to you by wearing makeup. Did you honestly think we had gold eyelids? Cause in that case, I also shit gold, à la Tywin Lannister.) But why is it really such an issue if someone enjoys an extensive beauty regime? As long as we aren't taking out loans for laser hair removal and Tom Ford lipsticks - shall we just leave everyone to it?

Anyone else feel the same? Why does the world seems to think high-maintenance is a bad thing?

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