Monday, 1 June 2015

Why I've Given up on Blush...

While this is going to be one of those chatty posts, where no one probably gives any remote interest to what I've got to say, it feels like something I have to get out there. 

I've recently realised that I haven't, in about a year, picked up a normal blush and put it on my cheeks. It's not that I don't feel like a flushed cheek isn't one of the most beautiful things, especially given it's strong British associations, but I simply still cannot get on board... 

Makeup without blush
I've never quite been able to get a blush I loved, mostly due to the large amount on the market adorned with shimmer, I've always leaned towards something more brown toned (see: the 17 Rosewood blush I used for 3 years around college) so they were already difficult to buy. However courtesy of my super heavy coverage foundations, any natural colouring in my cheeks was covered up and needed to be replicated by whatever blush I could get my mitts on.

As my makeup has changed (phew) through the years; my foundation has gotten significantly lighter, and my natural flush has increased after not covering every inch of my skin with makeup that cost less than a fiver.

In British climates winter causes red cheeks, from the constant battering from winds, rain, snow and whatever else it can throw at us. In summer, we have more of a tan and a natural bit of colouring from the heat. So WHY do I feel so inclined to wear blush?

As someone that runs hot, like ridiculously hot, my face is inclined to lean on the red side of things anyway, but I still feel like blush is a must for avoiding any sallowness in the face. But whenever I put it on, I feel much more like a clown than I do a British country girl...

I much prefer a glowing healthy look, using bronzers and contour creams which will make my skin dewy, without compromising on any flat colouring. On days where I feel like my skin looks flat and needs extra colouring, Chanel Cream Blush in Destiny is an ideal shade for looking like I've spent a day out in the sun. As opposed to the other option, which would be looking like a woman that's overheating...

Does anyone else completely forgo blush? It'd be interesting to hear your opinions.

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