Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Getting Long Lashes and Brows - LiLash and LiBrow Review

The thing about most women is, we want full hair on our heads, lashes and brows... chance is, we weren't blessed with it and instead probably have it adorned on our legs instead. (How many people did I just scare away in one sentence? My bad. But you know it's true.)

get long eyelashes no mascara lilash librow brow growth review

get long eyelashes no mascara lilash librow brow growth review
LiLash and LiBrow* are hair growth serums designed to encourage hair growth on (you guessed it) lashes and eyebrows. They aren't my first venture into said products, and because of my negative experiences in the past, I was sceptical. Let's get down to business...

The LiLash serum comes with an applicator like that of a liquid eyeliner, allowing precision application to the lash line and brows (if you didn't want to buy both). And so is easy to apply either in the morning or at night. The results which came after about a month were a darker, more voluminous healthy lash, and after 12 weeks, were a much more feathered, lengthened lash with lots of volume. (N.B. I applied the product wrong for a while by applying far too much and had a reaction so my experience was out of the ordinary, but if you were to learn from my mistakes - chill out with the product!)

LiBrow was probably the one I was most excited about. My eyebrows, while pretty full are very fine hairs which can make my eyebrows look more like a shadow than hair (and let's not mention the occasional bald patch). So I was holding up hope for this to thicken and lengthen the hairs to make them look fuller without being uncontrollable. It 100% met my expectations, and as I like such a strong, dark brow the serum worked really well at maintaining the appearance of any dye I put on them to make them *even more* darker!

Both products would be ideal for anyone that's suffered with a bad beautician experience (we've all had bad lash extensions and brow waxes!) to promote regrowth and rectify any mistakes left behind.

I wish I had a before and after to share with you guys but unfortunately my phone broke on me and I lost the before pictures - sob! Although I will say that I've been asked an insane amount of times if I was wearing lash extensions. I love both of these products, and will quite happily rush to repurchase them.

Will you be picking up either of these beauties? They're the best brow/lash growth serums on the market - you won't be disappointed.

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