Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Taming the Curly Beast - Holy Grail Shampoo and Conditioner

It's a very rare occasion when I'll refer to something as being a holy grail product, I want good results, from short term and long term use of the product, and I want to have never had a bad experience with it. I Don't want much do I? But after a few good months of use, I can happily say that I've finally found a shampoo and conditioner duo that makes my mane more manageable, less greasy and all-round bloody brilliant.

Having naturally curly and thick hair, it tends to run quite dry on the ends and somewhat frizzy, so trying to find products that work wonders for my hair can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. And did I mention I HATE shampoo shopping? There's so many, each claiming to do something different and each more daunting than the last. At which point steps in Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger products... 

 Moisturizing shampoo is quite a different concept, huh? Being someone that sees the shampoo step as the "cleanse" and the conditioner as the "moisturise" having two products which have cleansing and moisturising properties I was reasonably apprehensive. Both of these are free of sulfates, and packed full with Keratin proteins to help rebuild hair structure. After using the Awapuhi range, and styling with my usual products, (Moroccanoil and Neal and Wolf Heat Protectant) I found my hair to be less oily, much more manageable, and far less damaged than when using regular simple shampoo and conditioner duos.

And an extra added perk? Much unlike other shampoos and conditioners the bottles have the same amount of product, meaning the conditioner is less likely to run out a few months before the shampoo. This is a god-send to us curly haired gals, but I've still found myself running the conditioner down before the shampoo. At least it took longer than normal...

I'm not going to lie, this is quite a damn pain to get your hands on, and I usually have it send directly from Paul Mitchell, but their UK site does have a salon locator, where you can find either your nearest Paul Mitchell stockists, by the product range you're looking for in particular.

With my hair now much more manageable, dosed with Keratin and Protein I can have that extra hour in bed my hair never used to let me have...


  1. They sound amazing !


  2. Oooh these sound so good, I'm always interested in hearing about products aimed at curly hair I have the wildest of curls it's hard to find products that work (although the Ojon range has been coin it for me a lately!) This brand sounds familiar though I'm sure I've tried a hairspray before by this range and loved it hmm xx

    1. Yes, me too! I'm straightening them all the time, not because I dislike them but because they're that much of a pain! I need to hear more about these Ojon ones you're trying they sound SO good! xx


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