Monday, 9 June 2014

Regular Nail Polish/Gel Finish

Having a slight fear of the idea of gel nails, I never have particularly paid attention to the brands that provide them. Two weeks of wearing a nail polish that's going to grow out, look unsightly, and then damage your nails during removal? No, thank you. But when the lovely Megan got in touch about Bio Sculpture I was somewhat intrigued to learn the company now makes nail polishes to match the gel nails they offer, minus the UV lamp and the need to be soaked off. Offering the chance to either patch up your current Bio Sculpture gels, or change the colour completely temporarily (only when removed with acetone free remover).

Being somewhat addicted to nail painting, longevity isn't normally something I take into consideration. Usually I'll be bored within 24 hours and change. A grey nude to a more pink-toned nude? ...How I rolllll. So it was quite the change for me experimenting how long I could make these last. To be honest, I got a couple days, with very minor chipping, at which point I was itching to change my nail polish. Slightly more than I would normally, so I'm quite impressed, but the selling point for me with these polishes was the finish. Its not thick looking like a regular gel colour, but instead has a show-stopping sheen, which makes your nails look freshly painted for days.

The brush is designed in a similar way to the likings of Dior and Essie brushes, with a fan-type soft bristle brush that somehow mimicks the shape of your nail and allows you to do one coat of colour in a single swoop.

The three shades I was sent are the kind that I'd choose for myself. The nude/grey being the show-stopper of the three, coming up slightly lilac in some lights. The other pink tone is exactly like the sheer pinks I regularly obsess over, (and clumsily forgot to take pictures of) but the neon pink was a complete break out of my comfort zone, a really beautiful colour for those that like bright nails.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these polishes. The colours are completely beautiful, have a brilliant finish and are something I'd definitely consider buying more of. Turns out breaking out of my Chanel and Essie comfort zone does benefit me sometimes...



  1. Love the nude colour!! Looks great on your nails <3 xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  2. Isn't it gorgeous! Reminds me so much of Chanel Frenzy!


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