Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day of Birth* Wishlist

*Because calling it my "Birthday Wishlist" would be too darn easy.

With my 20th (sob, goodbye teen years) birthday coming up on the 24th July I thought it'd only be fair to do a wishlist so you all know what to buy me... FYI - Excessively cheeky hinting wasn't intended, but soon became completely irresistable.

I very rarely ask for jewellery on Birthdays and Christmas, for the simple fact of how fussy I am with it. I tend to wear only gold or rose gold, which of course has to be quite minimalistic and simple, and able to be worn alone or with a mixture of pieces. Yeah, I am fussy. These Dogeared pieces are so beautiful, and the meaning behind each piece just adds the little extra something, the lotus flower necklace is beautiful, and the Karma ring is so cute (I'm a size M, wink.)

It doesn't seem to be long ago I was obsessing with Chanel Spring, and well, now the Summer collection is here, I already treated myself to Tutti Frutti Le Vernis, so it needs a colourful companion, in the form of Sweet Lilac. Sticking with the Chanel theme (I'm predictable.) I love the look of Sublime De Chanel mascara, and given I'm in the market for a new one, why not? And the Charlotte Tilbury compact is just incredible, but a bit of a splurge to buy for yourself, who doesn't want bronzed and glowing skin from using one product? Charlotte Tilbury.. I salute you and your beautifully designed products.

I've been adoring these River Island courts for a while, and after trying them on, I'm still in love with them despite the fact that I had to size up to a 7. But seriously, they're so beautiful - WANT! And of course a Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester is wishful thinking, but think big, ey?

So everyone feeling generous enough feel free to take the hints, please do so, or give me anything dipped, covered and fried in chocolate.



  1. Ooooh these all look gorgeous! That watch :O
    A huge happy birthday now, because I will most likely forget next month. It's my 21st birthday this Saturday so I'm pretty excited for that :) It's really weird turning 20, but by 21 you kind of accept it and like it!

    Love from Jasmine xo -

    1. Isn't it beaut? Keep thinking I don't need any more watches but I totally do! Haha. Thanks for the Birthday wishes Jasmine, I just sent you some back on Twitter ;)

  2. You think 20 is hard, I had a breakdown over turning 23! You do need the Chanel mascara in your life will help ease the pain into old age ;)

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Oh my god. Don't say that. I realise how close that is already too! At least I can have pretty lashes whilst doing so.. haha. X


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