Sunday, 29 June 2014

Are We Stuck in a Product Rut?

On one of my occasional daily internet browses I came across a ton of products, each claiming to either give me Barbie-like perfect skin, false looking lashes, and Stretch-Armstrong length legs. (OK, slight over exaggeration on the last one. But you get me, right?) With which comes my wide-eyed, "I NEED this product" attitude and thus I'm hooked and will no doubt end up treating myself at some point. Until it arrives and I try it once, do I realise that I already had an equivalent that is, in my eyes, 110% better than the former.

Of course I don't speak for everyone when I say this, but with all sincerity, are we stuck in a rut when it comes to trying new things? My room (and spare room) is overflowing with products, insane amounts of samples, and tons of duplicates, so why am I using the same things every day?

Moroccanoil is something I've fallen head over heels for, and as much as I say I want to try Redken's Shatterproof shine, if I bought it, would it ever see as much action as my beloved Moroccanoil does? I think more so than anything else hair products are the ones I struggle to experiment with, given my hair is so high maintenance, applying a shampoo I know is going to make my hair look perfect seems much more appealing than trying something that could leave me looking like a scarecrow. When I plan on trialling new products I find myself last minute reaching for my old beloved and leaving the new sparkly product, unused and unloved on the bathroom shelf.

The confidence that comes with using your favourite products is of course, a huge benefit. Which means trying new ones is always a risk, despite being exciting, there's the chance it could turn out very ugly. (You only need one accident with a "cheap" fake tan to know this) My Kiehls serum is one of my favourites, EVER, yet the three bottles of different ones I have under my bed don't even have the chance of getting used anymore, given the flawless appearance I get from the Kiehls.

But, that said, being stuck in a rut is quite the issue when it comes to repurchasing. Given the price of some products now, I really should be using the alternatives that I have around the house, but I just can't bring myself to do it when there's the chance of using one of my favourite "holy grail" products, that just make you look so much better!

Surely, I'm not the only one? Despite having eyeshadow palettes in excess I find myself reaching for MAC's Naked Lunch daily. And on the days which I could play with my makeup, experiment with smokey eye ideas off Pinterest, or an iconic Monroe-esque look, I find bare skin to be my preferred look.

I need to implement some sort of rule that I try something new each week, but I do find the self-confidence from using your favourite, tried and tested, product like a highly addictive drug. It would seem that being stuck in a product rut is going to be a hard one to shake. For now, my repurchasing addiction will most probably live on.

Do let me know in the comments if you agree, or are also stuck in a rut. Or just let me know what you've had for your tea. Either, or...



  1. I totally relate to this - even when I buy new things I end up reaching for the things I'm comfortable with! I'm trying really hard to branch out and start changing up my routine, it's a lot more fun! xo

    1. It must be habit now. I know what you mean, there's always the chance the product could be bad though, I think that's why I'm often apprehensive! X

  2. I'm exactly like you, I have loads of makeup looks pinned to my pinterest boards but I'd never dare go out looking like it! The same 4 shades in my UD naked palette are used every day haha

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. YES!! Snap. There's red lips galore and all sorts crazy on there, but I'm always just slicking on a layer of lip balm and that's it! x


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