Sunday, 20 April 2014

Street Style on Sundays #5

Where the hell have I been? With all sincerity, I have no idea myself.

I've developed an overwhelming obsession with Katie Cassidy's style, which is truly being reinforced with her fashion blog, Tomboy KC. And from this, I seem to really be favouring tomboy-ish and masculine looks instead of the usual "lady" clothes that seem to pop up as soon as the sun starts to make an appearance.

Borrowed from the boyfriend...

Feminine and Masculine combined... 

Probably the safer option of the two, to try out masculine/tomboy dressing. Love a masculine jacket paired with a floaty dress, or leather trousers with heels, not to mention the shirt tied around the waist of your dress. No belt needed.



  1. I'm loving the mixture of this style at the moment - I'm currently lusting after a pair of boyfriend jeans - but I never find unless you're 6ft tall and slim you can never quite pull of the look!

    Hmm maybe...

    1. See I am tall with long skinny legs I couldn't find them for ages that were long enough! Guess there's no happy medium, ey? X


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