Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bassbuds X Roxanne Campbell - Music meets Manicures

Twitter is pretty darn good for finding out all of what is going on everywhere, isn't it? I used to always wonder what the attraction was to "just another social media" site, but I literally feel like I'm getting enough news (and gossip, shush!) to last me a lifetime over there. Aaaanyway... BassBuds, the company that creates those gorgeous looking, Swarovski-adorned headphones you've probably seen strewn over the internet and magazines shared that they had a new collection coming out and wanted to share with beauty bloggers. So I jumped up and down shouting me, me, me (using the appropriate emoji) and they sent me over the deets of their latest collection...

Now comes the bit where I was intrigued, the collection is actually a collaboration between themselves and Roxanne Campbell, the incredible manicurist, who's nail artistry for SS14 has been inspired by this Fashion collection of headphones by Bassbuds. Nails and music aren't something that usually comes together, but when you think about it, it's is SO clever, and amazing for someone that is completely passionate about the two. (cough, me.) The lovely PR lady, Laura, told me they would sent me some to trial out, and hoped I could do a nail-art look to go along with the new collection. So I got a tad giddy with my Chanel, and hoped in the time it took to set up my camera and tripod, that I wouldn't chip or smudge...

(I did the nail art by painting one coat of the deep pink, Tapage, all over my nail, and placing hole reinforcers on my nail, after 20 minutes drying time, to cover up the area I wanted to remain in that colour. After two coats of the pale pink, May, I slowly pulled away the stickers and sealed with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.)

Each BassBud has a genuine Swarovski crystal on each sound chamber, making them the sparkliest and most fashionable headphones you probably ever did see. Sorry, Apple... you simply don't cut it anymore. An anti-tangle cable (PRAISE THE LORD!) and a call/mp3 control button. 

I was sent the "Harmony" pair, which have a pink wire, red details and mint green buds. I have my eye on the "Eclectic" pair which are the most beautiful lilac shade and canary yellow. -Seriously, can you imagine the gorgeous nail art that could be teamed with those? (I'd have to get lilac and yellow polish first though, dope!)

The headphones themselves are amazing, and easily the best I have ever used. The sound quality is amazing for in-ear headphones, and the memory foam buds make them much more comfortable than some of the others that can be painful to use. The design, meanwhile, just makes anyone with the slightest magpie tendencies completely weak at the knees, and they make a pleasant change to my usual white (now much muddier in appearance) Apple pair.

I can now take extra enjoyment in my Spotify and nail-painting sessions...



  1. Nice blog post ! Thanks for sharing !

    1. You're more than welcome lovely. Thanks for leaving a comment x

  2. OH.
    They're gorgeoussssssssss <3 xxx

    1. Aren't they just Gem? I'm in soooo much love with the colours!! xxxx


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