Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Where does our Inspiration come from?

After having a discussion last week about inspiration and where it comes from, I realised, that we do all get inspiration from the most unlikely of places, and then I set out writing down all the influences and inspirations I have and who or what they've developed from...

I thought it'd be pretty fun to show you in a series of posts the things I feel influenced by, in my body wardrobe and my face wardrobe. (I simply can't help myself, can I?) Today is sponsored by the people that are my fashion influences...

Ashley Madekwe

The queen of making casual look effortless and cool, the former Revenge star managed to turn the most simple outfit into something much more powerful through the use of fantastic accessories. Her wardrobe is completely enviable, and she is a brilliant example of how to combine high-street and designer pieces to build the ultimate female wardrobe. Ashley also runs a blog, Ring My Bell, which is just the most beautiful gallery of endless fantastic outfits.

Phoebe Tonkin

Another gorgeous girl who manages to do casual with the perfect amount of class. I love the way she combines textures and seems to forever have the most beautiful pairs of black shoes. I'm currently falling head over woman heels for this woman, dare I say I have a woman crush. We all hate that saying, I know... but I'm just in love with this lady.

Olivia Palermo

The epitome of ladylike fashion, Olivia P just seems to always have it on point. Her loosely waved hair and familiarity with the boundaries of fashion and how to just push them have her consistently being referred to as a fashion inspiration.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, I found it quite fun to do. I will be doing my beauty influences next, I think. A couple of these lovely ladies MAY just pop up again...



  1. Love these girls' looks, they are so nice !

  2. Ashley's my favourite! Her style is definitely what I aspire mine to be (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. Isn't she just flawless! Love how she manages to constantly make simple pieces look SO chic.

  3. Ashley is just stunning and Olivia's style is impeccable! I used to dislike her when she was on The City but since the show ended she's become such a style inspiration, always looking flawless!! <3 xoox

    1. I never watched that show, so I've no idea. Was she the bitchy character then? Haha. Thanks for commenting! x


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