Sunday, 23 February 2014

Chanel Le Vernis - Spring 2014 Notes du Printemps Collection

Despite how overly excited I was by the Chanel Spring collection, the only things I picked up where the two spring appropriate Le Vernis colours.

I'd been dying to get hold of Ballerina since I first caught a glimpse of it, and it's only just been made a permanent fixture at Chanel (shocking, I know!) But given sheer pinks are my go-to, and what all my family mock me for wearing A LOT, I had to make it mine. Much unlike some of my other sheer pinks, it seems to be quite blue-toned, and I found it took away any slight staining that may be on your nails (just to clarify, I don't have a lot, but sometimes I get a teeny bit. Gross!)

Tapage is definitely the winner of the varnishes they brought out in this collection, given its the most beautiful, yet indescribable colour, as when it is on your nails, they look immaculate, and depending on what light you are in, they can lean more, red, coral, or even pink! It's fantastic to apply, given it's often opaque in one coat. Not something you find often in nail varnish anymore...

I have found both of these polishes to be fantastic, and maybe I've got my love goggles on, but these seem to last longer, and have a better formulation than a normal Chanel Le Vernis. My only qualm with Chanel will always be the thin brush, which you do get used to, but the curved, fan brush of brands like Essie and Dior will always be much easier to use. But I think we all get Chanel varnishes for the luxury, amazing colours, and the beautiful packaging, not for the brush!

All in all, its a huge YES from me where these are concerned. Anyone thinking of trying out Chanel or just wanting a Spring update, try these, I promise you won't be disappointed.



  1. I was so envious of these colours when you instagrammed them and I'm glad they're so good :) I love love love the Ballerina shade, although I think Tapage is more my colour for everyday use :)
    So pretty! You should take a look at Burberry nail polishes! They're amazing too :)

    1. I'm already ridiculously tempted by Burberry polishes! I love the packaging, haha. Xx

  2. Love both of these...but I decided to go for Charivari instead.....which I'm luvin'...
    but in retrospect I probably should've gone for something a bit more Springish :)

    Totally know what you mean about the brush!
    I could almost do a coat of Essie or Dior with my eyes closed in comparison!!

    1. I love that shade but I really don't understand why it is in the spring collection, it's definitely a fall colour! Haha yes, exactly. At least I, not the only one that thinks this.. X

  3. I really love the Chanel nail varnish!


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