Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Magnitone Pulsar - A Revolution in Facial Cleansing

When the girl we all rely on for beauty news, Jane from British Beauty Blogger, said she was offering the chance for 10 bloggers to review a Magnitone I practically pounced onto my laptop to send her an email declaring "I WANNA, I WANNA!" So I was ecstatic when Magnitone emailed me themselves saying I had been chosen to review... Here's my findings...

The Magnitone Pulsar is a electronic cleansing brush, which is proven to reduce signs of ageing, improve skin quality and reduce the appearance of pores. It can be used on your face and body provided you use the different brush attachments provided in the box, which just slide in and out of the handheld system with ease. (The sensitive heads came separately) The box also includes tons of instruction manuals, making it easy to get used to, and it also comes with a stand and charger system.

With Magnitone claiming that you will see a difference in your skin within 7 days, I thought I would keep notes every day during my first week of usage, and do a break-down of my results:

Day 1- Morning felt like a brilliant exfoliation, skin texture was smooth, and skin looked luminous, however on the second use that day it felt a little harsher on the skin, but I guess my skin was just getting used to it. All skincare products used afterwards seem to be absorbing much better than normal, hence getting more moisture into my skin.
Day 2- The harsh feeling had left completely, and the skin around my nose looked less red.
Day 3- Elasticity and moisture levels of skin seem to be improved
Day 4- I can visibly notice a difference in the (cough) blackheads on my nose, with the skin looking impeccable on my nose, and dare I say, giving me even better results than my beloved Glamglow Super-mud.
Day 5- Skin tone and texture feels and looks completely even.
Day 6- Noticeable difference in application of makeup now, meaning all my foundations go on smoother, last longer, and my skin looks much brighter even without the use of any brightening products.
Day 7- All in all, skin tone is much more even, skin looks plump and is well hydrated, appearance of pores have decreased, I feel much more confident with my skin, and LOVE the results.

It has four different modes, as seen in the picture above, and each holds a different purpose. The sensitive option is, yes, you guessed it, for sensitive skin. Pulse-lift Massage is the most bizarre sensation of the four, but helps blood circulation in your face, which is the magic which helps reduce signs of ageing. Exfoliation (suggested option for your body) and Deep Clean are quite self-explanatory, too aren't they?

I'm SO impressed with Magnitone's facial cleansing brush, and I've no idea how I lived without it. Can't recommend it enough!



  1. This seems to be so good for the skin !

  2. This looks really good, great post xx

  3. I love your blog

  4. This looks like such a lovely alternative to the Clarisonic!


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