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Straightening Curly Hair and Keeping it Frizz/Kink Free

Hey lovely people! How's the weekend going? I'm currently getting excited like a kid at Christmas anticipating buying my new iPhone 5 this Tuesday. It'll be my first iPhone, but it's joining a well loved iPod and iPad family of mine (I'm such a nerd...) so if anyone has recommendations for apps, accessories or anything I should get, let me know!

Anyway, when I was having a nosey through my blog stats the other day, I realised that my most popular post EVER is actually my post on the Invisibobbles, the little telephone cord like bobbles which give you kink-free hair. So I thought it was about time I updated you on them, aswell as letting you know all the products which add to keeping my hair kink and frizz free.

My hair is very thick and very curly naturally, meaning it requires a lot of maintenance, so I tend to only wash my hair once every 4/5 days, which may seem excessive for some, but it doesn't get greasy or suffer from product build-up. Aswell as this, my routine takes quite a while and is too time-consuming to do every other day like some people. (However, when I leave my hair to dry naturally, it lasts only two days, otherwise I would look like I'd been in a car crash)

So at the moment, my routine starts with shampoo and conditioner, and I've been using the Toni and Guy Blonde products for a few months, which are quite good, but nothing mind-blowing. I leave the conditioner on for as long as I'm in the shower, and ALWAYS wash it off with colder water than I shampooed with, and blast it with freezing cold water, which helps the hair cuticles lie flat, helping eliminate frizz. And once I get out the shower, instead of using a hair towel, I use an old (but clean!) t-shirt, which is a lot gentler on hair, and I think, adds to the elimination of frizz.

After leaving my hair wrapped in a t-shirt for about twenty minutes, I use either my Michael Mercier detangling brush, or wide-tooth comb carefully, as wet hair is more susceptible to split-ends.

I spray a little of the 3-Day Straight spray on my hair, and comb through, before separating my hair into sections using any clip I can get my hands on, and use the Neal and Wolf Heat Protection spray to shield my hair from the hot tools I use. Then, I use my Tresemme hot-air styler to blow dry my hair, section by section until its finished completely.

I think this cult product is something that everybody loves, and I personally hold this accountable for my hair-growth, as before using this, I never had such healthy and quick-growing hair. I use 2/3 pumps of this on the ends of my hair to almost add back any oils the blow-drying strip away, and let it soak in for about an hour, before I section my hair again, and use a finer-toothed comb and a sectioning clip to straighten my hair (on the lowest heat setting- to avoid any unnecessary heat damage).

As much as I try to keep my hair down, I cannot help but want to scoop it up in a ponytail, and I must confess, that most nights, I prefer sleeping with it up in a ponytail, too. When I had been using regular bobbles I had dreadful kinks in my hair so this wasn't something I could do on a regular basis, without waking up with hair like Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary. My original review of these babies is here if you want to read more.

It may seem a little excessive to go through so many steps, but when you wake up upto 3 days after and haven't had to do anything but comb your hair, it's totally worth it!

Tips and Tricks (A summary): 
- Apply shampoo from the crown outwards, and conditioner from the mid-lengths to ends
- Blast wet hair with cold water to flatten the cuticle and eliminate frizz
- Use an old t-shirt instead of a towel
- Take extra care when brushing/combing wet hair
- Always use heat protection
- Don't tie bobbles too tight
- Don't brush hair whilst it's still warm, or put it in a bobble. Let it cool down first...

Hope you've all found this post a little helpful, I'm really happy to have finally found a routine which works for me, I hope it can help someone else too.

If you have any questions or anything you'd like to add, please do so in the comments below!



  1. Have you tried sleeping on a silk pillow? I used to have really thick curly hair (radiotherapy put paid to that one though!) and Hermione had NOTHING on me after a night's sleep! I found it really made a difference. Took a while to get used to but now I use nothing else.

    I tried and tried to get Frizz Ease to work for me but never could. Everything you have said is spot on though. Do you find so many people saying "Ohh, I wish I had your hair"? I used to drive me bonkers as really curly hair is a complete nightmare on occasion. At least with straight you have a bit of an option!

    Fi x

    1. Yes I sleep on a silk pillow every night, I have a full silk bedspread! Yes I do, and people are often really pissed at me when I straighten it, which I just find irritating, as its so hard to maintain! I get usually only a day out of curly hair, whereas straight I can get so much longer!

      Thanks for the comment lovely. x

  2. See I long to have curly thick hair!

    It's funny how you always want something different to what you have :)

    Hmm maybe...

    1. It's not that I don't want it, I truly love it, it's just an absolute bloody nightmare to maintain, it usually only lasts a day, and sometimes people just will not stop looking at my hair, I feel like having a break from being stared at! Haha. x

  3. I love my wavy/curly hair - great post though :) I have never seen those bobbles before, I will have to look out for them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. I do too! I just find mine difficult to maintain as it is quite literally corkscrew curls. They're amazing, most definitely revolutionary!

  4. Well, there everybody wants the same what she a girl having curly hair want to have straight hair and the other girl with straight hair complains for why don;t she have curly hair...however, there's some solution for both and they follow.

    perfume for women

    1. I very much agree with you. But I think these days theres so many solutions for both, I personally have a lot of incredible tools, for all sorts of styles, people really are spoiled for choice when it comes to hair styles at the moment, I think! x


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