Wednesday, 28 August 2013

#GettingArtyForAnxiety - A Blogger Collaboration

Still having difficulty transferring Photoshop from my old laptop to my new Windows 8 laptop, so I apologise again for the lack of posts. I just wanted to let my followers (who don't have me on Twitter or Instagram) into a little collaboration I've organised with fellow bloggers. 

The concept for this collaboration, is that, when suffering from anxiety or a type of mental illness, you feel as if you're a shell of your former self, so I thought, that each person producing a nail-art to reflect their own personality would be a great way to promote awareness of anxiety, depression and mental health.

The designs can be as crazy or minimalistic than you feel necessary to reflect your own personalities, they can be just an image, a tutorial, video, pictorial, whatever you feel is the best for your blog. I'd also like for you to give a little meaning behind your design, you know... "I've done my index finger in leopard print, because I AM AN ANIMAL." (I apologise, but I simply could not resist.) I think I'll also produce a little introductory paragraph, and a little image to be added to posts if people are struggling for what content to put in the post.

If anyone is interested in joining in, email me at or tweet me at molly_lyon and let me know you want to take part, so I can keep track of who is completing a nail-art for the collab! As I'm planning on having a few date slots, so that each blogger can pick a date in which to put their nail-art on their blogs. This way, the posts will have the maximum reach, and it's a little more exciting than posting them all at once. And we're planning on posting them in around 2-3 weeks time, to give everyone chance to get them started.

But obviously, the first few of us to post for this collaboration will be doing them around the same time, but I would love to see other people joining in once the original posts have gone live.

Any questions, email and Twitter handle is above (or in the sidebar)

Lots of love, and thank you so much to the people that have already signed up to be a part of #GettingArtyForAnxiety, it's so important to me, and you'll be a crucial part in breaking the taboo, that people find it unacceptable to talk about or seek help for mental illnesses!


Friday, 23 August 2013

Quick Update

Hey guys! Just thought I'd fill you in, on my lack of posting... I've been suffering from a very serious case of broken laptop (heh) and it pretty much won't let me do anything strenuous, like a put a memory card in, open Photoshop - big baby!! So I haven't had a chance to post, anyway, I have a brand spanking  new Acer Touchscreen Windows 8 laptop to play with, but I'm still getting used to it, and have to transfer all of my old files and programs over still, so it could be another few days before you hear from me again.

And thank you SO much to everyone who commented and shared love for my previous anxiety and depression post, you've made me feel so happy, I've decided I want to do more for the cause and I'm going to preach the word. I've applied to become an online mentor with Mindfull to help other young people through the same, and before I did this post I was so ashamed and secretive about what had actually happened in my life. So once again, thank you everyone, you've actually changed my life, and I'm not overexaggerating!

In the mean time, my iPad and other gadgets have me all over Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, so feel free to follow me over there. My links are in the sidebar...

Lots of love to you all, have a brilliant weekend, be safe and to all the anxiety sufferers; KEEP STRONG.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Invisible War - Struggles and Dealing with Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks

First of all, I've been contemplating this post for a while now, wondering whether or not I should share something SO personal on the internet, but as my followers numbers increase, I feel more and more inspired to share my struggles, and maybe to help others.

Grazia magazine have been introducing a #BreakTheTaboo campaign, trying to, change peoples views on mental illness, and in doing so have influenced me to finally voice my opinions, myself.

And another addition before I start, this is no way me wanting to get attention, piss anyone off, upset anyone etc. Some things I cannot share with you because it isn't safe to speak about on the internet, for myself and others.

Last year, around April time, as I was close to finishing college, our family suffered from a vicious attack to the front of our house, and living in a bungalow, with my bedroom at the front of the house, I was left terrified, and inundated with meetings with the police, statements being taken, and well-wishers asking how I was. Honestly, despite being a little startled, I thought I was fine, but I started to become a little nervous about going out, and the more I tried to ignore it, the more times I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks.

This wasn't the start of things however. I have been through my fair share of trauma in my life, and I'm not talking whiney, petty things, I'm talking life-changing, monumental stuff. I don't want anyone to begin to think I'm not a strong woman, because me suffering from anxiety is so far out of character, I don't think anyone close to me, or myself, even saw it coming.

It got to the point where in November, I was almost hospitalised for malnutrition and mental illness. Admittedly, I am one of the more severe cases, and many people won't get too this stage, but some do... I had spent pretty much every day feeling fatigued, not sleeping, eating, or even speaking to anyone. At this time, I was sleeping at my Nans because I couldn't face going home, and I'd go into her bedroom about three times every night crying hysterically about what had happened to me, and why it wouldn't just go away. (Looking back on this NOW, I can't remember most of this. I remember small things, but I didn't sleep or eat, I came so close to wearing away, my body stopped wanting to work.)

I had been seeking help, with both my GP and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at this point, but neither had seemed to help much, and I was in such a bottomless pit, it was as if I was so low I wasn't ever going to climb out. Around November time I got put on Citalopram, which was something I was very unhappy about. I dislike tablets, and if I have a headache, I soldier through it, so that was pretty difficult for me. First, I was given a 20mg dose, and this was NOT pretty, I thought I was going to throw up, I felt dizzy, shaky, paranoid and completely unable to sleep. I went in the day after and they lowered it to 10, which also, isn't very pretty for the first couple of weeks, I was left Googling the symptoms and terrified by this little tablet which was going to make me feel like death! Eventually after lots of pushing from my family, I took the tablet, and for about a week, felt uncontrollably sick after taking it, but this started to fade away, and managed to calm my nerves a little.

At the beginning of the year I started a higher level of CBT with someone else, which helped me get out more, and I even went to a gig in Liverpool in March, big change from my bed and practically being carried to the GP surgery, isn't it? And since, I've done so many things which I can hold my head up high, and be so proud of. I've gone back to my usual curvy self, and from losing weight to a size 8, I've gone back up to a healthy 12, and the compliments of my appearance have all returned.

So that's pretty much my experience, slimmed down as much as possible. Now, I'd like to share, a couple little things of meaning, for others, to help you cope, and a couple things that helped me.

Panic Attacks- 

These are horrible things, and until you've had one, you can't understand how horrible they are, as they simply feel like you are dying. You feel faint, dizzy, your chest can get tight, your throat can constrict, and you feel as if you cannot breathe. The only way to cope through one of these, is to concentrate on your breathing, and all the symptoms make you panic more, as their name suggests, but you need to try your absolute best to cut that out. Concentrate on your breathing, and something else... Anything else. My Nan used to talk to me about what she was cooking for tea, what was happening on TV, and as trivial as it sounds, it's something which will take your mind of exactly what is going on inside your body. The same goes for anxiety attacks, but these don't feel as scary as panic attacks in my opinion, so I just dealt with them in the same manner.

Anxiety, Depression and Mental Illness in general- 

First of all, remember.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. One in four people in the UK suffer from anxiety, and as much as your ashamed, there will be numerous other people walking past you in the street, thinking the same thing as you. And don't try to be alone, it's what I did, and definitely didn't help with improving my condition.

With these illnesses you do need to seek help, go and see your GP before things get as bad as they did for me. Tell your friends and family, they will help more than you realise. And Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is ideal for most people, they will just help you set little goals, and change the way your mind looks at things. An issue of mine was being an absolute Negative-Nelly, and Steve, my CBT advisor, told me numerous anecdotes which now help me whenever I feel anxious or nervous. There are lots of books on CBT available too, which help a lot, and are similar to what the advisors would tell you, so if you're too nervous to speak to someone, I bought this, from Amazon, which is very helpful and guides you through exercises to help improve your lifestyle. (The picture below describes depression perfectly, it's something that you cannot see, but it IS there, so it isn't something to be taken lightly, or ignored.)

Don't forget that everyone needs positive energy too, so do the things that make you happy, read a book, listen to your favourite artist, watch the most fun film on your DVD rack (Despicable Me, cough...). And despite the fact that this wasn't something I could do because of my lack of eating, and fatigue all the time, exercise is a brilliant help for people with anxiety, because the chemical Serotonin is released whilst you exercise, and it's a known "feel-good" chemical, thus making you look good, and feel good!

You may feel like the whole world is going on around you, and that you're missing out on everything, which will only get you down more, so don't let it. Keep on going. You can do it, the exact same way that I did. Hard work, determination, and even more hard work.

I now want to just say, how brilliant my family and friends have been throughout my struggles, I didn't realise just how loved I was until this, to everyone that stayed up with me till silly o'clock, watching shit on the telly, and running to Tesco to buy me my favourite chocolate brownies. As much as the illness made me dislike them for no apparent reason, (I was so rude, I feel ashamed.) but looking back, I couldn't have done it without them. And to everyone who supported me, thank you.

I hope that this post has helped you understand a little more about anxiety and depression, or maybe helped other people's opinions on it. This has been quite hard for me to share and write, so I hope very much that this can help others.

Lots of love.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Birthday Gifts and Lots of Pretty Things

There's quite a few pictures in this post, for no other reason than, I got, well, a little camera happy! I thought I'd share with you my birthday gifts, a lot of which were from me, to me. Any excuse!

Oh, and just to clarify, before anyone goes off on one... I'm not bragging in anyway. Some of these are gifts, and some of them I bought for myself. I just love shopping...

One of my favourite jewellery pieces ever, comes from this beautiful, elegant, gold open heart ring by  the Irish jewellery designer, Chupi. My Nan and Grandad bought me this so it means more than it would have if I'd bought it for myself.

The beautiful Chupi ring in action, and with a vintage, ornate rose ring my Aunty got for me. I won't wear these together all the time - just thought I'd save a picture and put them together (I'm so helpful, right?!)

My Aunty bought me this beautiful coffee table book which is currently on display on my shelf, its Audrey Hepburn in Hats, and showcases a beautiful collection of images like the one above. (Isn't she just the epitome of elegance?)

The DVD collection is actually a gift to myself. I've already worked my way through all of these, and love them all so much. I'm currently becoming very much addicted to Audrey, and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably already have been bombarded by Audrey related pictures already...

I mentioned in my previous wishlist post I'd like to read The Notebook and my beautiful Aunty bought it for me, alongside Safe Haven, which I haven't seen the movie of yet, so I'll be holding off until I've read the book.

It's not as excessive as it seems- I promise! A lot of these are freebies which I got with various orders, but I decided, after buying my first Chanel polish that I'm very much in love with them and need more. I bought Frenzy in Southport on my actual birthday, and Blue Satin when Debenhams had a sneaky 10% off. I bought my MAC lipsticks at the same time (because of course I needed more...) And as a self-confessed Dior addict, I decided to pick up this gorgeous nude lip colour because I had £10 in points on my Beautyclub card.

They're beautiful, right?
Mac's Pure Zen and Plumful, and Dior Incognito.

(Left to right: Dior Incognito, MAC Pure Zen and Plumful)

Another treat for myself thanks to sales. This beauty was 1/3 off in Argos, and only cost me £20! It comes with a heat proof mat, full glove, and a carry bag to store it all in, not to mention how brilliant it is. I'll be reviewing this soon.

I can't say I usually shop in The Body Shop, but when I heard about the beautifying oils which had come out, I decided to go and pick one up, I use it mainly for my cuticles every evening, but it's a bugger to apply from this bottle! I also picked up a foot cream with the "Buy one get one half price" offer... GLAM.

My "to-read" list is getting ridiculous, but I still had a little stroll into Waterstones and came out with these...

And I had to add this little fella to the end of this post. If you don't follow me on Facebook, or Twitter, you won't know that I'm planning on bringing some nail-art tutorials onto my little corner of the web, so keep an eye out, and no doubt you'll find out how to make this little guy yourself.

And another reminder, my giveaway closes tomorrow, so don't forget to enter! I can't wait to draw the winner, and I'll be letting you know via Twitter, and email!

Hope you've enjoyed this post, and I promise I'll be back with more substantial posts soon, I've been a little bit of a let-down during the summer months.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Favourite Things #4

I'm trying my absolute best to not make a comment about how quick the past month seems to have gone, but in the past sentence I have done nothing but say just how quick the past month has gone. So... I should probably get onto my favourites...

Beauty Favourites-
There's a lot of products reappearing this month, so it should be quite a quick one today, which is quite handy as I'm currently feeling very hungry and in the need of food!

Neal and Wolf Super Shine Spray- As with my other holy grail hair product, the Neal and Wolf Guard heat protectant, I feel sucked in to buy something everytime I go to my hair salon. Laura, my hairdresser used this on my straight hair, and I've never seen it look so glossy and healthy, as it did with this product. Like all of their products, the scent is incredible, the product sprays in an even mist, and doesn't leave hair feeling greasy or heavy. I'll be reviewing this very soon, as I think I've finally found my favourite shine spray of all time! (Insert cheesy Cheshire cat grin here.)

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum- The most beautiful, feminine, elegant and luxurious scent (and bottle- don't lie to yourself, it makes a difference!) I've ever owned. I was bought this last year, and it's definitely one of my favourites in my collection. Thanks to it having been my birthday, I've reached for this one the most, because it makes me feel absolutely amazing.

Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan- One from the last months favourites post too, I'm still loving this tan, and will definitely be applying it later tonight so I can wake up looking a little less deathly than Edward Scissorhands.

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon- As with all Revlon lip butters, it has an amazing, soft and buildable texture, with a lovely natural/glossy finish to it. Wild Watermelon is a gorgeous cherry-red colour, and I like to wear it blotted out to look more like a stain in the summer months when our makeup bags get a summer overhaul.

MAC Quad with Nylon, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters and Mystery- A quad I made for myself, and the colours all go together so beautifully, can look natural or dramatic, and are ideal for day/night. I genuinely couldn't pick a favourite shade from this palette as all four are very, very beautiful!

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara- I'm sure you're all sick of hearing me waffle on about this, so I'll link in the original review for anyone who hasn't seen it just yet.

Essie Nail Polish (Ballet Slippers)- My nails have been in great condition recently, so I've been using my first ever, and all-time favourite polish, more than normal. It's so versatile thanks to how buildable/sheer it is, and like all Essie polishes, has that amazing thick, curved brush which makes application a dream.

Origins GinZing Moisturiser- Another one well-raved about by myself, and I've just repurchased (first moisturiser I've ever repurchased-wahoo!) so I'm truly loving it this month. Original review is here.

Avene Thermal Water Spray- And another with it's own review already... I promise this is a coincidence. This seems like my laziest favourites post yet.

Non-Beauty Favourites 

Chupi "My heart is open" Ring- Ignore my pale hands in the picture above, I'm scrubbing all of my fake tan off to start with a clean canvas, so to speak. My Nan and Grandad bought me this ring for my birthday, and I've never took such care of a piece of jewellery in my life. We're currently inseparable...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Complete Collection- Something I've loved since being 8, but since starting to rewatch, I've been falling in love with them again. Season 4 is my favourite, and I've been getting through episodes of this like a crazy person. And confession time... My crush on Spike is starting again. Cor, I'm so embarrassing...

Vampire Diaries Books- In my impatient state of waiting for the fifth season of TVD I've been reading the novels on my Kindle for iPad. They're actually quite different to the TV show, which is definitely my preferred out of the two, but these are quite a good easy read for the summer-time, and perfect books for reading whilst on the go.

Hope you've enjoyed this post! And remember you don't have long left to enter my giveaway, to win Soap and Glory, Bumble and Bumble, Millie's Lashes and Maybelline Baby Lips goodies!


Monday, 5 August 2013

Perfume for your Hair?! - Dior J'Adore Hair Perfume Review

Listed on Escentual's website as a "Hair mist" it's easy to say that this is one of the most peculiar things I've ever owned - a hair perfume! It's easy to say I'm quite the sucker for things that are different, I love owning things no one else has (such a drama queen, aren't I?!) so when I read about this in a magazine, and with me being a self-confessed Dior addict, I knew I had to get my hands on one.

This is a 30ml bottle and is priced at £26.35 (at time of posting) on Escentual here in the UK. So, in my opinion is quite good value for money, given that Dior perfumes are a lot higher on the price scale...

The product itself is cased in a perfume shaped bottle, and comes out in a perfectly fine mist, so your hair doesn't get drenched with product, nor does it distribute unevenly in those dreadful little spits that hair sprays often do. I use about three sprays, for the sides and back of my hair, which tends to last from when applied in a morning, to when I scrape my hair up into my Invisibobble at night-time. But this product isn't only for making your hair smell like heaven, it is enriched with Ylang-Ylang oils, providing shine and nourishment to your locks.

The scent, is the same as the J'Adore perfumes, and is a beautiful floral, and feminine scent, with top notes of Ylang-Ylang, heart notes of Damask Rose, and base notes of Sambac Jasmine.

The packaging of this is completely beautiful, elegant, and looks nothing short of amazing lined up with my Miss Dior, Jo Malone and Diptyque on my dressing table. As with most Dior products, it has the little Christian Dior logo etched into the top of the bottle, a nice little touch don't you think?

On the less glamorous side, I feel like my hair smells amazing after washing anyway, so I wouldn't dream of unnecessarily product, so this does only see use when my hair is already dirty. While I like using quite natural dry shampoos, I find they don't disguise any (cue, upcoming TMI) unpleasant scents, so when the scalp is getting oilier, and the ends drier, this comes in more than handy for freshening up your "I really should have washed it last night" hair...

Overall, I love this product, if it runs out I'll definitely repurchase, as luxurious as it is, it really does perk me up, and make me feel so special when I go out. And much unlike the Velvotan Self Tan for the back applicator I reviewed last week, this is a novelty which works, and I thoroughly recommend to anyone who, like me, feels the urge to squirt their perfume all over their hair, too.

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