Thursday, 4 July 2013

Things I've never heard of but love all the same...

First off, I apologise for the products which you probably won't be able to get your hands on, but I'm currently loving them so much I want to share them anyway. And maybe if you're planning a holiday you'll be able to find these yourselves? I dunno, but here we go, I'm waffling on... 

These are a couple of things the lovely Emilie got me in our swap, and both are brands I hadn't heard of previous to this, but are now severely on my beauty radar. 

The raspberry lip balm by a brand called Estelle and Third (cute name, right?) looks more like a gloss with it being cased in a lip gloss style tube, but once applied feels like a lightweight balm, and is completely sheer. It isn't overly glossy or tacky, leaves lips feeling moisturised, and on a day of minimal makeup finishes off the look by making your lips look healthy and conditioned, as well as feeling it.

The eyeshadows by a brand called Kicks are seriously pigmented, and the swatches above are one swipe of each colour, they blend easily and don't have a lot of product fall out. making them a solid near-perfect eyeshadow. But we all know that nothing is perfect...
(For reference, the bronze shade is called Bronze Heat, and the deeper brown is called Lady Godiva)

For all the English ladies wanting something like these shadows, MAC's Woodwinked and Satin Taupe are a perfect alternative. I haven't actually tried either of these products, but I can guess from what I've seen that Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors and No7 BB Lips are brilliant alternatives for the balm too.

I've just put Magic Mike on my iPad thanks to Netflix, so I'm off to watch that (and to remember to blink, oh and no dribbling...)



  1. I love the colours ! :)


  2. I am soo glad you like them!!! If you want I'll bring you some other shades of the eyeshadows when I come over to England ? xx Em

    1. They're brilliant! I love them. It's good having some not in palettes too, I really lack single shadows! Eek yes please!! Xx

  3. Pretty! The colours look great


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    1. Thanks Emm! They're very lovely, I must admit! x


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