Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Holy Grails A'plenty - Neal and Wolf

Hi you beautiful lot! I thought I'd share a little review with you all today, as this product has featured on my blog before in a monthly favourites, but it is such a big part of my routine that I felt I should review it in more depth. 

Any female with natural curly (and thick, yikes!) hair will understand the constant battle with hair tools to manage your hair, and the importance of using the right products. And regardless of whether or not your hair is naturally curly, straight or wavy, thick or thin, if you use hot styling tools, a heat protectant should be a part of your hair-care routine. For pretty much the past four years, I've been searching for the perfect one and have tried an array of brands, from the cheap Tresemme, to the more expensive Label M. I asked my hairdresser if she had any recommendations, and at the time, they had just received a shipment of Neal and Wolf products, so she said I should try this. 

My main issue with the Tresemme heat protection spray, and the other brands I have tried, is the fact that they leave your locks feeling limp and lifeless, and leave a dreadful product buildup and sometimes feel a little crispy. Neal and Wolf's offering is lightweight, doesn't feel like any product is on the hair, and the smell is so divine I want to be able to find a perfume of this in the near future. So, if you're in the market for a amazing smelling spray to protect your hair from heat damage, but leave your hair looking as incredible as Blake Lively's, get this!

I buy this at my hairdressers, but I believe you can buy it from Beauty Bay, and it costs somewhere around £10 a bottle. I've only just bought a backup and have been using it regularly since last July! So yes, its well worth the money!


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