Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beauty Box Swap with Em

About a month back now, myself and Emilie from Someone in the Corner decided to take part in something called a "box swap." For those unfamiliar with the term, it is when you and another blogger, whether it be from the same country or not, set a price limit and a theme of gifts to buy for each other, and then you swap them (didn't see that one coming, huh?) We decided to gather things up till the end of May,  with a price limit of approx £50 set, and the theme of "One high-end, the rest low-end," we both got to work. I found it hard picking things, as I wanted to buy her so much! I will link you to the post when she posts on what I got her, but for now, onto what I was lucky enough to get.

Anyway, my goodies from Em came in the post a couple days back, and I was SO excited, it was like Christmas, but Santa's a drag queen, 'cause I doubt he'd bring so many beauty products otherwise?!

The high-end gem I got, was this little Lancome gift set, with the main product being the Hypnose Star mascara, and with two miniatures of the Le Crayon Kohl Eyeliner in black and a mini La vie est belle EDP. Getting these was kind of creepy actually, my Aunty and I were decorating Sunday afternoon and heard a Lancome advert on the TV, we had an in-depth conversation about how we'd never tried anything by the brand and would love to try some of their make-up. (A little information you didn't actually need right there.)

The perfume is such a lovely scent, it's a possibility that the full-size version of this will be making its way into my perfume collection once I've finished this.

All of the things she bought me came packaged in this super cute summer appropriate make-up bag! I'm going to use this to store all my little manicure essentials like nail files, buffers and cuticle oils.

Kicks is a Scandinavian brand, that I hadn't actually heard of until she sent me these two little eyeshadows, and face primer. The shadows are almost like dupes for MAC's Woodwinked, and Satin Taupe, they are incredibly pigmented, have no fall out and last all day. SCORE.

Another brand we don't have in the UK, and I hadn't heard of is this incredible, organic brand called Estelle and Third. Its a lovely lip balm, which upon first impressions, is pretty damn good!

Another creepy one in the form of Xen-Tan Luminous Gold- I bought Moroccan Tan a while back, and this came out at the same time, although the night before I received these, I was on their website thinking of how much I wanted to try this. I also received an exfoliating L'occitane soap, which sounds absolutely amazing, and a Clinique scrub, which I'm excited to try, as I haven't used any Clinique skincare for a while, it'll be interesting to see if they're as good as I remember!

I'll be reviewing all of these at some point on my blog, when I've put them to the test fully, and can give you a full review, instead of first impressions. I'll also link you to the gift's I got Emilie too, when they pop up on her blog.

Thanks Em for the amazing things, I love them!


  1. I am so so so so happy that you're happy with what I got you!! Can't wait to get home and see what you got me :D Now I'm waiting in excitement for the reviews! xx Em

  2. I love posts like these! Emilie got you some lovely bits!


    1. Thank you! I know, I'm very lucky! X

  3. Gorgeous products ! ♥

  4. You received some really lovely items. The eyeshadows look gorgeous - the colours are right up my alley! The little makeup bag is so cute as well :)

    1. They are very pretty neutrals! I know right?! x


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