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Saturday, 29 June 2013

New In from Real Techniques

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I had the prettiest dress arrive in the post today... I ordered it last weekend but hadn't realised the order didn't go through properly thanks to a mistake on the billing address, woops! So yesterday I went on ASOS to reorder it and much to my disappointment it was out of stock, and determined to not give up I spent four hours refreshing the page hoping for a size 12 until I FINALLY GOT ONE. Haaaaalllllelujah!!! Although another bit of clumsiness came when it arrived this morning... The postman woke me up at about half past eight, and we keep our house alarm on at nights, so when I jumped out of bed I forgot to turn it off, and whilst signing for the parcel, with eyes I couldn't open, the house alarm was blaring very loudly, thankfully he didn't laugh at me and was more than sympathetic and accepted the dot and squiggle I left on his "signature machine."

And five hours later I'm onto the post...

Like half of the female population (maybe a little over-exaggeration) I have fallen in love with the makeup brushes by Real Techniques. So when I found out about the news that they were bringing out a limited edition duo-fibre collection I let out a little squeal. With them having appeared in other countries before the UK, every time I saw pictures on Instagram or blog posts I sat in envy wanting them to be mine, anyway, jealousy aside, me and my Nan went to Ikea last week and I "just nipped" (never a good sign) into Boots whilst I was there. When I saw these I was like a kid in a candy shop and ran over to buy them, skipping down the aisles with my brand new Chanel lipstick in a carrier bag by my side... My poor Nan was probably left feeling embarrassed by my excitement over lipsticks and makeup brushes...

And apologies in advance for the icky brushes, I forgot to clean them and wanted to take advantage of the natural sunlight before it disappeared, so I decided against brush cleaning...
I don't think Real Techniques as a brand needs an introduction does it? Well, anyway, Real Techniques is a makeup brush brand designed by the makeup guru Samantha Chapman, one half of Pixiwoo. The collection includes three brushes, a face, contour and eye brush and all are duo-fibre. The design is different to the usual RT brushes, and I'm not sure what I prefer, I like the simplicity and minimalistic design of these, but the metallic colours of the permanent collection are to die for. Also, unlike the other collections by Real Techniques these don't come with the little case/stand, but currently having two of them left unused, I don't think I mind about this.

I cannot comment on the face brush properly, as I don't apply powder on my face, other than under my eyes to set my concealer. Although, I tested it by applying Nars Laguna bronzer, on the high points of my face and it did look more natural than normal

The winners of this collection for me are the contour and the eye brush. To use the eye brush to its maximum potential, you apply your shadow to the white bristles only, and to get a defined crease, you apply it in the similar wind-screen wiper motion that you would usually and the black bristles will do the blending for you. Fool-proof blending for pros and beginners.

The contour is absolutely perfect for, guess what? Guess what it is super good at doing? Did you guess? Did you? Did you? (Currently seeing Dory in Finding Nemo... Maybe it's time to shut up.) YUH-HUH, it's brilliant for contouring!! Thanks to its more oval rather than circular shape, you can turn the brush on its side for the different parts of your face, and whether you're using contour colour or highlighter. To make the most of this, I tend to use the slimmer side for adding a contour to my cheek, and then turn it the other way around to blend it out to avoid the "stripey" effect which comes from not blending properly.

So yeah, these brushes are pretty damn wonderful! And if you're starting a kit, I'd recommend this
and the core collection to get you started. These brushes are especially foolproof for beginners, especially the eye brush. Go and get some whilst you can, because these are amazing!!

Hope you've all enjoyed my review and are having a brilliant weekend. Lots of love.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.

Those of you that know me will know I'm never seen without a bottle of water by my side, and for as long as I can remember I have been reaping the benefits of drinking water. Despite the obvious, it keeps you hydrated, and makes your skin look good, water has also been linked to joint and muscle health, regulating kidney and bowel functions as well as weight loss and an increased metabolism. But today I'm not talking about internal benefits of water, I'm talking about the external, with a little review on the Avene Thermal Spring Water I picked up a few days ago.

The label states that this helps to give "Instant relief to the skin wherever it feels tight and uncomfortable." It can be used for sunburn, after anti-acne treatments, nappy rash, minor irritations, razor burn, for setting/cleansing make-up, It's cooling properties are amazing for after outdoor activity, in summer months or for re-hydration while travelling. With it coming in various sizes (the one pictured being a 50ml) there are sizes for every occasion, and I fully intend on buying a full-size one for using post-cleanse, and a couple travel size ones for having in my travel bag, handbag and one by the side of my bed during "summer" - That term being used very loosely provided I live in the doom and gloom of the UK.

Much unlike previous water sprays and other setting sprays, this does apply in a fine mist, not in a "fine mist" which actually leaves you looking more like a wet dog, than one of the models in a skincare advertisement. So far I've used this on my irritated after shaving/sunbathing legs, and as a cooling mist on my face, and for both purposes I have found it soothing, calming and super easy to use (by this, I don't mean I'm an absolute simpleton, but don't you feel that some sprays aren't easy to direct because they have a mind of their own? Is it just me?)

If you weren't already convinced by Avene's Water, check out this video on their site, it's so interesting the history of this, and you'll be surprised and just how long this little beauty has been around for!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Bye Bye, Beauty.

I personally, absolutely love "empties" posts, I think they show a brilliant insight into how good, or how bad a product is. If something is dreadful, it probably won't ever be an empty tube, but if something is amazing, it'll get severely mutilated with a pair of kitchen scissors to get the last teeny little drop from the bottom. And for those who aren't aware of the "empties" concept, it is where over an amount of time, you keep the empty packets of the things you've used up, and comment on what you think of them when you've can determine just how good they really are.

My apologies for the dreadful photography in this post too, I'm in the middle of "having a clear out" making a mess and only have a little area under my window where I can see the floor. And with it being under my window the light isn't the best. But all of a sudden all my products seem to be running out, so I thought I best get all of these out of the way and in the recycling bin.


REN Radiance Perfection Serum- Although I love the scent of this, and its sister product, the Glycolactic mask I just wasn't hooked by this product. I didn't see any improvements or radiance coming from this product, and if I went a day without using it, my skin didn't look dull or feel any different. It does apply like a dream, and feels so lightweight on the skin, but unfortunately these are it's only redeeming qualities. Would I repurchase? No, I've tried better, and I own better.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream-Yes, more Origins... This cream seemed to have lasted an absolute lifetime! I liked it, but not as much as everyone else seems to do. It's illuminating properties are great for days when you want to wear no makeup, but I don't think it offers as much moisture as it could. Would I repurchase? In all honesty, I'm not sure. I'm quite loving the Kiehls eye cream which has circulated into my routine, but if for some reason I started to dislike that, I think I would repurchase this. But I'm not in a rush to replace this. 

Origins Brighter by Nature- For an Origins moisturiser, I thought this one was a little "meh" it seemed quite heavy on the skin, despite its texture being light, and it tended to leave my skin feeling a little tacky. And as for its claim of being brightening, I didn't notice this at all. Would I repurchase? No, this is definitely more suited to day-time and you all know that GinZing is now my one true love. 

La Roche Posay Micellar Solution- You all know my love for micellar water, I won't waffle for too long. This thoroughly removes makeup easily, and leaves zero residue on the skin. Would I repurchase? YES. Completely 110% I'll repurchase this product, and I already have a backup! 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me- This is the first time EVER that I have finished a lip balm. So I guess it's quite the monumental moment for me. But I love this product so much. Would I repurchase? Definitely, my Aunty actually brought me two back from when she went to Vegas so I should be stocked up for a while.


Soap and Glory Clean, Girls Body Wash- A delightful smell, and the lovely moisturising and quick lathering wash that you expect from the much-loved Soap and Glory. I'd go as far as saying this is my favourite wash by them as a brand. Would I repurchase? In the future, yes... But as I have so many various bottles scattered across every inch of my bedroom, I don't think I need any yet!! 

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion- I got this as part of one of those gift sets, the ones with miniatures that costs the same price as the product itself so you think "well I may aswell if it's free" but then it gets stuck at the back of a drawer and not touched. Anyway, I found this and thought I'd give it a quick go, much to my surprise, I loved it! It had a pleasant, subtle scent and soaked in quick enough for me to not freeze whilst running around semi-naked waiting for it to soak in. Would I repurchase? As with the above, when some of my current products have run down, I'll repurchase, definitely! 

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream- Single handedly (okay, great pun, but unintentional) the best hand cream I have ever tried. And like the Baby Lips, this is the first time I've finished a hand cream too, I tend to just fall out with the ones which leave you feeling greasy and with overwhelming scents. The scent of this reminds me a little of baby products, which I don't like but its immediate moisture and it's ability to make yucky hands look worthy of a million pound diamond ring make the scent less of an issue. Would I repurchase? As soon as this finished I was scouring the internet for the cheapest tube (Debenhams- 10% off)  to have it arrive two days later. And let me tell you, those two days were PAINFUL.


Toni and Guy Finishing Shine Spray- This seems to have been discontinued as I cannot find it anywhere. I bought it a couple years back and reintroduced myself to it, to remember why I loved this lightweight shine spray so much. Would I repurchase? Sadly, I can't. Sob....

Avon Moroccanoil Hair Mask- With my Aunty being a Rep for Avon I got this before anyone else did, and yes, I probably should have reviewed it then, but hey... turns out I'm a little slow. (nothing new...) But for its price (I paid £1.50 but Avon prices are forever fluctuating) this hair mask is pretty damn incredible! It's a very thick consistency, like most masks, and after 3 minutes of this being on your hair, and rinsed off in cold water, flyaways are non-existant, frizz is eliminated and sleek locks to envy Mila Kunis will be yours. Would I repurchase? Totally, it's a genuine bargain and makes the greatest companion to Moroccanoil. 


Ted Baker XO EDT- The name "XO" makes me cringe, but as you can see, it had pretty much rubbed off the bottle, and I'd be lying if I said I'd purchased this, I kind of, pinched borrowed it from a relative. It's a lovely scent, sensual and timeless, encased in a gorgeous bottle, but like most EDT doesn't have a strong staying power. I'd compare this to more of a body-spray than a perfume. Would I repurchase? Probably not, I have better perfumes at the moment which I'd choose over this. Although I'd recommend this for younger girls, or a gift for someone who you don't know very well.

Valentina Acqua Floreale EDT (Sample)- I'm pretty sure I put this in a wishlist post a while back. This is the most incredible scent, and lasts so much longer than the typical eau de toilette. I absolutely adore it, not to mention the gorgeous bottle of the full-size version. Would I repurchase? Totally. Not quite yet as I do have quite a few perfumes, but this is so lovely I will get a bottle at some point.


Avon Nail Experts Conditioning Cuticle Pen- Currently on a health kick for my nails, and cuticle oil isn't new for me, but I used to use it as and when I needed it, now, I've decided on a every day and night routine. This one has a brush applicator, similar to that in Touche Eclat, enabling you to apply the oil easily and not get a greasy oil all over your finger tips. I quite like this oil, and I'd go as far as saying it's my favourite I've used so far. It has a beautiful lavender scent, which when you apply just before bed is very relaxing and soothing soon as your head hits the pillow. Would I repurchase? Yes, I would. I very much prefer the applicator to other oils even if it doesn't hold as much product as some others.

Eye Candy Lash XLR8- This popped up in my first favourites post a couple months back but hasn't been mentioned since. I thought that once I stopped using it I might end up with dead-looking, sparse brows, but how wrong I was. They seem to be even fuller since I've stopped using this. How this has happened, I don't know... Would I repurchase? Seeing as it didn't actually do anything for my brows, no.

Bassetts on the go Vitamins (Maintain)- As you can see there's two packets of these, so they're definite repurchases for me, but I'm unsure on how you "review" a vitamin... These taste good, there you go... Would I repurchase? I do, everytime I'm about to run out. These must be something like my 8th tubes now.

Hope you've all enjoyed this post. And with the thought of GFC soon becoming obsolete, make sure you click that Bloglovin button in the sidebar, I don't want to lose a single one of you lovely lot!

Lots of love.

Friday, 21 June 2013

How Did it Get Late so Soon? - Nighttime Skincare Routine (And extras)

Much unlike my morning skincare routine (post here), my nighttime is much more complex (yes, THAT serious!)

I start off by removing all my makeup with whatever Micellar water I have on the go at that moment. I'm currently working my way through a bottle of Bioderma, which may I add.. I love! Then I apply a little La Roche Posay below my cheek bones (down to my jaw), across my chin and I rub whatever is left on my fingers across my nose. At this point I usually do everything else that I have to do before bed, brush my teeth, hair, put my pyjamas on and apply a body moisturiser. This gives time for the effaclar duo to soak in a little before the next step in my routine. 

I then apply the same serum as I use in the morning, Dr Weil x Origins Skin Tone perfecting serum. I do the same as in my morning routine now, by applying my eye cream prior to my moisturiser. The current nighttime moisturiser of choice is Starting Over by Origins, which I must say, I'm not too keen on, but I'll be switching this out my routine when I've finished the pot. I just want to comment on also, that YES this is an anti-aging moisturiser, and YES, I'm only 18, but the clue is in the name it is "ANTI-aging" it is a preventative, not a cure. I'm only commenting on this because does anyone feel there is a bizarre stigma surrounding people using anti-aging products from a young age?! It's not at all like I'm having botox, its a moisturiser, which more than likely, has nothing which will help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles anyway.

I then apply a generous amount of lip balm depending on whatever I have handy (Burt's Bees, Nuxe Reve de Miel or Blistex Relief cream is my lips are in bad condition). I'm currently using Nuxe's balm, as provided its heavier, waxier texture, it isn't one that I use often in the day. This is all after using Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub to remove any dry or flaky skin (much needed after a day of wearing a matte MAC lipstick...)

The skincare extras I tend to use when I need them, or on a weekly basis are Glamglow Supermud, Origins Drink Up intensive and REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. These have all been mentioned several times on my blog, so I won't go into a lot of depth surrounding them. but I love them all equally for different purposes.

Hope you've enjoyed my mini-series of skincare routine posts. If any of you have skincare routine posts, I'd love to see them, I always love a good nosey at skincare regimes. 


Thursday, 20 June 2013

How do you like your eggs in a morning? - Morning Skincare Routine

I thought I'd share my skincare routines with you guys, in a similar way I did my makeup collection, in parts so that you don't become too bored with my constant rambles. I came across this video last week from Into The Gloss, and felt completely inspired to take care of my skin, with her heavenly non-made-up beauty I thought, "Pretty please can I look THAT radiant without makeup?" She's incredible, it's only a few minutes long, give it a watch, I promise it'll change your opinions on skincare. For now, onto my skincare... Hope you enjoy.

And in case you cannot tell... I love Origins!

For reference: My skintype is normal. I have zero skin conditions, but hate my dark circles. 

I haven't found my holy grail cleanser yet, but I have quite the assortment. I have a couple tubes of Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish but for a quicker cleanse, I've been loving Origins Checks and Balances. Although I love this product, it's essential that moisturiser is applied straight after cleansing, as it tends to leave skin feeling a little dry and stripped of moisture otherwise. (For this reason, I wouldn't recommend this to those with dry skin.)

My next step is to use a small amount of Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic, it makes my skin feel hydrated, and I find it to be cooling and fresh on the skin. An unnecessary step, but one I enjoy, especially in the summer months, all the same. Toners have almost become obsolete haven't they? I mean, even when they were a step we all had in our skincare regime, did any of us really know what they were doing? I know now that it was to remove any excess cleanser, but if you're using a good cleanser, it won't leave any residue on your face anyway.

After this I reach for Dr Weil x Origins Skin Tone Correcting Serum and apply this all over my face sparingly. This product brightens and resurfaces my skin and is also an absolute dream to apply and glides on perfectly. Not to mention that it's candy-like scent makes you feel like you've been transported to Willy Wonka's factory. Then in with the eye cream, I'm currently using Origins Plantscription eye cream, which is actually a dinky little sample, but eye cream lasts so long anyway, I'm not complaining! I like this product, much more than the dreadful Nip and Fab one I tried. No one wants wrinkles, do they? So I apply my eye cream with my ring finger (the weakest) and dab along the socket to avoid any premature wrinkles (you wouldn't think I was about to turn 19 from the way I'm talking would you...)

After eye cream, it's time for moisturiser. I won't waffle on for too long, as I think most of you will have seen (this post) on my holy grail; Origins GinZing moisturiser. After that I pick one of my many lip balms to apply, and I tend to reach for a lighter one in the morning. At the moment, I've been using Burt's Bees pomegranate balm in the morning, its leaves the lips feeling soft and replenished, without leaving a thick coating on the lips.

My skin is usually at this point, ready for LAYERS UPON LAYERS of makeup. Ha... Just kidding.

Hope you've enjoyed this post... My night-time routine will be coming up soon!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Something worth sharing...

I know I said my last post would be quick, but this one really will be. I just wanted to share these gorgeous little candle holders I got from Ikea yesterday, and are currently being used as storage for cotton pads and lip balms.

Aren't they cute? I just love Ikea!

These are the Fortjust candle holder, and are £2.75 each (according to the website, but I only paid £2.50... weird), and I fully intend on buying more when we go back for my new bedroom chair- woohoo!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Feelin' Good - Ways to a Happier Self

One thing that even the happiest people suffer from, is down moments, the little moments in which you just generally feel miserable for no apparent reason. I want to share with you my favourite "Feel Goods" the little things that cheer you up, and (you ready to cringe?) turn that frown upside down! (I did warn you...)

Favourite foods and films. A complete and utter chill out is one of the best ways to become happier. One of my favourite DVDs, a tray of Hotel Chocolat deliciousness, and a glass of chilled champagne is one my go-tos when I feel in need of cheering up.

Gigs and concerts are a perfect way to forget about the whole world, and just spend a few hours either dancing along with your favourite artist, or laughing your socks off at your favourite stand-up. Micky Flanagan is an incredible stand-up comedian, and one of my all-time favourites. Considering he is playing at the O2 this year, he will be at the top of my feel-good list, and the perfect excuse for day/night out!

(For now, look at Micky's opinions on Men's Fashion = LOL)

You can purchase tickets for his Back In The Game 2013 tour at The O2 here; (Micky Flanagan tickets). I intend on getting tickets for the weekend shows, spending the day/night in London and keeping up the feel good with tons of shopping, extravagant restaurants, and a stay in one of London's best hotels. I'll see you all there... (Okay, I'm now sitting at my desk, wishing I was in London.)

Exercising. The complete opposite to my first feel good, although a lot healthier. Anyone who knows me will think "Is she kidding?" (I tend to be kind of very lazy) but, exercise does make you feel better. As you may, or may not know, exercise releases endorphins, also known as, "the feel good hormone," which gives you the euphoric feeling after exercising. Yoga is an ideal for making you feel good, thanks to how relaxing it is, you'll find yourself feeling completely calm and serene. So, something which makes you feel good, and look good... its a win-win, surely?!

(AC DC and other rock bands is the only music that gets me through my workouts...)

Shopping. It's no secret that I'm completely addicted to shopping. My favourite place for a day of shopping is London, thanks to the biggest shops, and the endless amount of little fashionable boutiques, and the perfect combination of high-street and designer fashion. And I guess you could use the "whilst I'm here" excuse, to head to the O2 arena, have dinner at one of their many bars and restaurants and see a show? Multiple feel-good activities in one night? YES PLEASE.

(Photo credit:  HD Wallpapers and Retail Week. Edited by me.)

The Beauty Revamp. Hair dying, face masking, nail painting, it's completely true that if you look good, you feel good. Probably the most girly thing on this list, but for most a couple little beauty products can have you looking beautiful, and in a much more positive mindset. I like to slick on my favourite REN face mask and flick through the latest Vogue USA.

What are your favourite things to do to feel good? Let me know. I may have to give some of them a go myself...

*This is a sponsored post*

Creating Shine with Deborah Milano

I was contacted by the lovely people over at Deborah Milano who said they would like to send me a lipgloss or lipstick to review, I said I'm a huge fan of red lip colours and erm, YES PLEASE! For those who don't know of Deborah Milano, an Italian cosmetics and skincare brand now coming across the channel into the UK. I received this the day after they had emailed me and struggled so hard to not apply it before taking pictures. Although, I waited patiently to not ruin any of the pictures I've took for you guys.
 (For anyone wondering, my nail polish is Quicksand from the A/W Headline Colours range) 

I was sent the Shine Creator Lipstick in number 12. Look at the packaging... I can't stop staring at it in sheer awe. It's the most beautiful glossy, hot pink casing, with Deborah Milano's logo on the side (duh, you can all see that...) I also recieved a sample of their BB cream, which I haven't had chance to try yet, and a sample of another lipstick, in a fuschia pink shade, which I don't particularly suit, so I've decided to give this one to my Aunty to test out.

And too add to the luxurious feel, look at the embossing on the lipstick itself...
The lipstick prides itself on having 3 in 1 properties, those of a lip balm, lipstick and gloss. It performs similarly to Revlon Lip Butters, but I definitely prefer this lipstick, it is very hydrating. As with most hydrating and glossy formulas, the colour doesn't last long on the lips, but this isn't a problem, as thanks to the beautiful packaging, I can't help but want to whip it out every couple hours anyway! 

It's a very versatile lipstick, with it being so buildable, you have the choice between a sheer lip colour, or a full red colour. The first swatch is three layers of the colour, the second is one. Does this make it 4 in 1? Shine, hydration, protection and multiple colours... It's definitely an all-rounder, put it that way.

I'd just got out the shower before taking these snaps, and I scrubbed all of my fake tan off and didn't apply any make-up, so I feel like I should apologise for my absence of make-up and casper-like skintone. Oops...

Thanks guys for sending me this brilliant lipstick, I absolutely adore it!

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wishes and Wants #4

Wow, my fourth wishlist already? This means, I want a lot of things, which sounds about right where I'm concerned...

But before I start, I'm gonna be all soppy on y'all... I reached 100 followers the other evening, and I'm beyond flattered! Thank you so, so much! To thank you, I'm going to do a giveaway, related to one of my most popular/most mentioned products on my blog. So far, I've been considering (as well as other little things!) Bumble's Surf Spray, Origins GinZing moisturiser, an assortment of Crownbrush makeup brushes, or maybe a high-end mascara?! Feel free to say anything you've seen on my blog, as of course I want the gift to be related to my blog, instead of something silly! What do you all think? I'd love to hear your opinions, after all, I don't want to be doing a giveaway no one cares about entering! Oh, and one more... Rafflecopter, yay or nay? Do you prefer entering giveaways via comments, or rafflecopters?

This wishlist is actually an outfit, which I want need for my birthday, which I cannot believe is only a month away! It only feels like a couple months ago we went for a birthday shopping spree in Chester, then got stuck in traffic for about four hours in the boiling heat on our way home. It wasn't the best experience, considering the car's air-con had stopped working...

This beaut of a dress popped up on my Facebook feed this morning and just immediately made me think of a birthday dress. It's a little on the pricey side, but who doesn't love to feel beautiful and fashionable on their birthday? The dress has the perfect bohemian edge for my liking, and I've been looking for a fringed bag for so long, this one is absolutely perfect, and would look incredible with this dress. 

I've also fallen in love with these shoes, the pointed toe, cut out detailing, medium heel and ankle strap make for pretty much everything I go for in a pair of heels. (I'm not too sure if that makes sense... this mornings HTML and CSS ventures have scrambled my brain cells... Not that they weren't already scrambled.) I'm also pretty lucky having my birthday on July 24th, as it seems to always be sunny! I'm not over-exaggerating when I say, it can pour down every single day on the run up to my birthday, but will be so warm and sunny on the 24th, then back to rain on the 25th, so I usually need some sunnies. These Jeepers Peepers "Audrey" sunglasses are absolutely gorgeous! And the price is so reasonable, I need these to finish off my outfit!! 

Birthday's aren't the time to experiment with make-up and beauty, you just want to pick your favourite things, and feel as amazing as possible. Emprise by Chanel looks like a beautiful pale pink, which is pretty much my go-to nail colour. Beauty wise, I'll have my clip-in extensions in, with a natural wave to my hair, a nude lip and probably minimal eye-makeup with full lashes, using my Eylure individual lashes on the outer corner of my eye. 

Love all you lovely lot, it's nearly the weekend, thank god! How are you spending yours? I'll be shopping for all

Monday, 10 June 2013

Favourite Things #2

I cannot believe its been a month since I last posted my Monthly favourites in the form of my "Favourite things" where does time go? Anyway, sharing what new things I've been loving, what things I've rediscovered, and the things still taking pride of place in my favourite things.

Beauty Favourites

Eylure Individual Lashes in Black (Short)- I got these off Amazon, as I didn't know you could actually buy them in packs by length. I've bought the packs in Boots before, and the "Long" ones in the packs are pretty much pointless, they are SO long that they look way too Barbie-esque for my liking. For day-wear, I like sticking a couple of these at my lash line for more volume. I tend to use these when I wear a smokey-eye, as without full-looking lashes, my eyes can look a little sleepy (probably not, it's my nervous Nelly coming in there...)

Eylure Dylash (Black)- Not a new discovery for me, but it is in this shade, as I used to buy the dark brown one for my blond-ish eyebrows, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I was terrified of trying the black as I thought it would be way too obvious, but when I went in Boots and this was all they had on the shelves, I decided I'd go for it. This works tons better than the dark brown, makes my brows look fuller, lasts a lot longer than the dark brown and makes me look a lot less brow-bald (another new-term I've coined!) when wearing no make-up

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat- Brought forward again, from last months favourites, I LOVE this top coat, and since using it, have seriously noticed a difference in how long my nail polish lasts, and how the tips don't wear as much as they had previously.

Revlon Nail polish in Gray Suede- I'd been hunting for a perfect non-sheer nude nail colour for a while now, and my Nan chose this one out whilst there was a 3 for 2 offer on in Superdrug last weekend. I've been loving it since! It has the teeniest shimmer, which stops the nail polish looking dull, but doesn't make it look glittery.

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-tanning- Another one which has popped up in my favourites previously, I love this bronzer for achieving a healthy glow. I put a tiny amount on at night after my moisturiser and wake up looking fresh and glowing.

Origins GinZing Moisturiser- I won't ramble too long, you've probably already seen my review (if you haven't, it's here) but I LOVE this product, and it had been my day moisturiser since the day it came through the door.

Maxfactor Masterpiece Max- An old favourite of mine, and one of the only mascaras I've repeatedly repurchased. I picked this out of my mascara drawer by mistake, but I'm glad I did. Myself and this amazing all-rounder have restarted our love affair.

Burt's Bee's Pomegranate Replenishing lip balm- I've had this for quite a while, but as my Baby Lips balm is running out, I've been reaching for this more. It definitely protects and heals the lips more than any other balm I've tried, but can occasionally feel a little heavy. I've been using this every night before I go to sleep, and waking up to smooth, soft, plump lips.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray- This is also another time this has popped up. I'm going to review this next week, after the love it received on my Instagram picture I thought I should share just how incredible this bad boy is for giving you ideal surfer beachy locks.

MAC Conceal and Correct Palette in Light- It's no secret that I am a lover of fake tan, although I can be quite partial to a more porcelain and gothic look, so foundations and concealers started to become a problem for my ever-changing skin tone. I got this a couple months back when it came out so that I have concealers for days when I'm a little paler, and also a little tan. I'd never used correctors before, and these are ideal for covering up blemishes and dark circles. I love this palette, and if any of the shades run out, I will definitely be buying them as a full-size version. (These are the Studio Finish concealers, and offer a medium/full coverage)

YSL Rouge pur Couture in Blond Ingenu no 24- I bought this after hearing it was Lana Del Rey's signature lip colour. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but it definitely reminds me of something that she would wear, and looks incredible with all make-up looks, not to mention the beautiful signature YSL packaging, and the moisturising qualities of this lipstick.

Roberto Cavalli EDP- One I put on my birthday list last year, I've been reaching for this more than some of my others recently. I'd describe the scent as floral, however much unlike some of the floral perfumes, it isn't sickly sweet, and feels much more sensual and seductive. It lasts quite a while on me too, however I know this is a personal thing. I tend to reapply every few hours, I usually go for about 4/5 with this scent, to keep myself smelling like roses (okay, not technically roses...)

Non-Beauty Favourites
The non-beauty related favourites this time haven't actually lasted me a whole month. This Blackberry and Elderflower herbal tea from Whittard is incredible, and one of my favourite drinks of the moment. I try to avoid drinking large amounts of caffeine, but like a hot drink before bed, so this is perfect. I already have a few boxes as backup I love them that much!

This one hasn't particularly lasted me a month, I started reading it about 5 days ago, and it is the last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Of course I had mixed emotions about reading this, with it being the end of the thirteen-book series, I was inevitably excited, yet sad to finish it. I'd glanced over reviews on Amazon before I'd started to read it, all saying they were left disappointed and wanting more, however I thoroughly enjoyed the ending, and thought it was unexpected, it completely broke the boundaries of the "love triangle" which every plot, whether it be book, or film, seems to be adopting currently.

Hope I haven't waffled on too much, and you've enjoyed this post.


Friday, 7 June 2013

My MAC Lipstick Collection

You know how I promised absolutely ages ago that I'd share my MAC lipstick collection (and eyeshadows, but I'm working on it) with you, well, I've finally got my butt into gear and took the pictures for it. I currently have ten MAC lipsticks, and I know that it isn't as many as some people, but if you consider that I never wore lipstick until about 9 months ago, I think I've developed quite the collection. Hope you enjoy.

Left to Right: Shy Girl (Cremesheen), Jubilee (Lustre), Cosmo (Amplified Creme), Faux (Satin), Chatterbox (Amplified Creme), Viva Glam Nicki (Satin), Lady Danger (Matte), Ruby Woo (Matte), Russian Red (Matte), Rebel (Satin)

I probably wouldn't be able to tell you my favourites of the bunch, as I do genuinely love them all equally. But I'd say that the ones I get the most wear out of are Cosmo, Faux, Lady Danger and Ruby Woo.

The brightness of Viva Glam Nicki really hasn't shown up in either of these pictures, it's a very bright yellow-toned pink, and something I'd usually turn my nose up at, "Me? Pink? I'll look like an idiot!" But this is one of those colours which everyone seems to compliment whilst I'm wearing it! It is also brilliant for a spin on a pin-up look, and I tend to always wear this with a contoured cheek, a cat-eye liner and voluminous lashes.

I'm quite lucky in the way that I have quite the neutral skin-tone and can get away with reds with both blue and orange undertones, and I bet you can't tell. I like my matte reds can you? I love wearing a matte lip, as I sometimes think glossy ones can make your lips look bigger, and this is the last thing I need. I use Ruby Woo to create a pin-up look, and Lady Danger I tend to use with a more minimal make-up to draw attention to this incredible orangey-red matte lip colour.

Despite how similar the nudes I have actually look, they do look quite different on the lip (I promise. Any excuse...) Shy Girl is a slightly sheer/orange toned nude, Jubilee being similar but more brown toned. Cosmo is almost like the opaque version of Jubilee, a rich pink/brown tone, and Faux is similar to this, but a little pinker, and a lot lighter in colour.

Left to Right: Shy Girl (Cremesheen), Jubilee (Lustre), Cosmo (Amplified Creme), Faux (Satin), Chatterbox (Amplified Creme), Viva Glam Nicki (Satin), Lady Danger (Matte), Ruby Woo (Matte), Russian Red (Matte), Rebel (Satin)

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend! I promise I'll bring you my MAC x15 eye palette collection soon! But I can tell you in advance, it's pretty much neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals.

Lots of love.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Holy Grails A'plenty - Neal and Wolf

Hi you beautiful lot! I thought I'd share a little review with you all today, as this product has featured on my blog before in a monthly favourites, but it is such a big part of my routine that I felt I should review it in more depth. 

Any female with natural curly (and thick, yikes!) hair will understand the constant battle with hair tools to manage your hair, and the importance of using the right products. And regardless of whether or not your hair is naturally curly, straight or wavy, thick or thin, if you use hot styling tools, a heat protectant should be a part of your hair-care routine. For pretty much the past four years, I've been searching for the perfect one and have tried an array of brands, from the cheap Tresemme, to the more expensive Label M. I asked my hairdresser if she had any recommendations, and at the time, they had just received a shipment of Neal and Wolf products, so she said I should try this. 

My main issue with the Tresemme heat protection spray, and the other brands I have tried, is the fact that they leave your locks feeling limp and lifeless, and leave a dreadful product buildup and sometimes feel a little crispy. Neal and Wolf's offering is lightweight, doesn't feel like any product is on the hair, and the smell is so divine I want to be able to find a perfume of this in the near future. So, if you're in the market for a amazing smelling spray to protect your hair from heat damage, but leave your hair looking as incredible as Blake Lively's, get this!

I buy this at my hairdressers, but I believe you can buy it from Beauty Bay, and it costs somewhere around £10 a bottle. I've only just bought a backup and have been using it regularly since last July! So yes, its well worth the money!

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