Monday, 27 May 2013

Inside: My Essie Collection

Hi you lovely lot! How was your weekend? Mine was quiet, and chilled and peaceful spent with numerous films, shopping, lunch with friends and dinners with family. Perfect!

Another collection today! Instead of showing you my full nail polish collection (which could take a good few hours) I thought I'd show you my favourite nail polish brand, Essie, and the colours (as well as treatments) I own.

My favourite nail polish EVER, and the first nail polish I bought by Essie is Ballet Slippers, I bought this when I was super excited to hear about Essie coming to the UK in Boots, and since then haven't looked back. This little "I'll give them a go." started my love affair with Essie, and their incredible polishes.

Left to right (Marshmallow, Fiji, Ballet Slippers, Eternal Optimist, In stitches)

From top to bottom (In Stitches, Cute as a Button, Meet me at Sunset, Bahama Mama)

From left to right (Chinchilly, Merino cool, Smokin' Hot, Skirting the Issue, Recessionista)

From right to left (Mint Candy Apple, Butler Please, Maximillian Strasse Her, Cocktail Bling)

I thought I'd tell you my "Top 5" too, but when I came to narrow down the list, I had to make it 6, woops...
My favourite, in order, are; Ballet Slippers, Fiji, Chinchilly, Skirting the Issue, Meet me at Sunset and Butler Please.

Left to Right (Base Coat- Rock Solid, Top Coat-No Chips Ahead, Top Coat-Matte About You)

Hope you've enjoyed this post, and I haven't made you want to indulge in Essie polishes too much. And like I've always said, I'm more than willing to swatch or review things in more detail. I just don't want to be filling your feed with swatches if they aren't going to get looked at!

Lots of love.


  1. Ooh lushy collection. Your photos are great. I need mint candy apple... It's adult product now!

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


    1. Thanks Kate! It's an amazing shade, so worth the few coats you need to get it opaque. Hope you've had a great weekend! Xxx

  2. Love Essie here too! I'm loving Eternal Optimist at the moment!! Love your collection hun.

    Hels Xx

    1. It's a gorgeous colour isn't it! It's one of the prettiest nuded colours I've ever had! Thanks for your comment :) xxx

  3. Loooove the way you've taken these piccies....
    brill idea...the polishes look so good!!

    I'm a massive Essie fan....Chinchilly & Butler Please are in my Top 5 too :)

    1. Thank you! Ooh because great minds think alike ;) xx

  4. Bahama Mama is the best shade ever, right?

  5. Oh my goodness I am so jealous of your essie collection! Great photos too! :) The blue ones look so pretty!

    Yinyin xx

    1. Thank you Yinyin! They're gorgeous colours. Great for summer and winter, which is always a winner in my eyes! xx

  6. Wow you have so many pretty colours! I'm a sucker for essie polishes they're just too lovely! I neeedd Cute as a button :)

    isabella <3

    1. Thanks Isabella! Have to admit, it's grown again ;) it's so pretty!! X


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