Friday, 17 May 2013

Crown Brush: Brush Haul and Review

Its fridaaaaay! Which means, the weekend is here! So I've got you a mini haul and review on the incredible brand that is Crown Brush! 

Last week I thought I would search for some make-up brushes. As much as I try to keep my brushes clean and sanitised, it isn't possible to clean every brush I use, every day. So I wanted to look for some lip, brow and cheek brushes at a much more affordable price than those in MAC. I'd heard great things about the brand Crown Brush from Zoe Newlove (check out her blog, she's an incredibly talented lady), so I thought I'd give them a go. 

The hardest part was narrowing down how many brushes I bought, there's so many variations of every single brush you're spoilt for choice! I went through the site and just kept clicking that "Add to basket" button, and after a lot of "Do I really need a tenth buffing brush?" style questions, I narrowed it down to these eight brushes which are (from left to right):

C100 Mini Tapered Blush
C441 Pro Blending Crease
C404 Small Duo-fibre Face Brush
R101 Gold Retractable Lip Brush
BK12 Deluxe Synthetic Lip Brush
BK44 Lip/Liner Brush
C158 Angle Liner/Spoolie
BK35 Angle Brow

I bet you're thinking how many lip brushes does a girl need to buy in one purchase right?! Well, I have reasons behind the purchases... The Lip/Liner brush was bought as I find having a different lip brush for each colour (not every one, but reds, pinks, plums etc.) is ideal so you don't end up getting a dirty purple coloured lip when you go to apply a sheer pink. I got the retractable black lip brush to have a travel-friendly one, because lets be serious, who wants red lipstick smeared all over the inside of their make-up bags? The gold one was, just.. gold. So yeah, I wanted a brush because its gold. I'm shallow, I know...
And to clarify, these are all incredible brushes and do the job of applying lipstick perfectly. They also passed the "How well will it apply a matte MAC lipstick?" test, which is pretty hard to pass seeing as they aren't the easiest lipsticks to apply!

Apologies for the already dirtied brush, I was a little over-excited when they arrived. You know how the whole beauty world is insane for MAC's infamous 217 Blending Brush, which is an incredible brush, which makes eyeshadow application a breeze. Well, I think that Crown Brush may have just topped the 217 with their Pro blending crease brush. It does boast similarities to the MAC 217, but it is fluffier, less dense, and a little more tapered, perfect for those who like a defined crease. And the best part of the Crown version? You can buy FIVE of these for the same price as ONE by MAC. I know which one I'll be stocking up on...

I also really like the angled brushes for applying my favourite brow powders, Omega and Charcoal Brown. Where as I used to use a disposable mascara wand to brush through my brows, I now have the angled brush and the spoolie in the same place, which is amazing if you're forever forgetting where you've left things (like me!) The other angled brush I got after asking Zoe which brush she uses on her brows. I haven't actually got around to using it yet, but if it's anything like the others I've used so far, I know I'm well and truly in for a treat. 

I got this dinky duo-fibre face brush for the days when I want lightweight foundation application, and a smaller brush means you have more control over the product, and exactly how much you're applying. Its a good brush for the price, does what it says on the tin, but if you want medium or heavy coverage, this brush isn't for you. I had actually bought the little blusher brush for applying powder blusher, but after trying it with a few different products, I have come to realise that this is amazing for applying cream blushers! Because of its tiny size, its the perfect accompanying brush to the new Bourjois cream blush, as you can see exactly where the product is, and the small size makes it harder for anyone new to cream blush to go overboard with the product.

I physically cannot recommend this brand enough. Their customer service is incredible, the products are incredible and the delivery is so speedy I almost thought I was seeing things when it came through my door! If you want to order anything from Crown Brush, find them here.



  1. It's great to see other brushes contending with Mac. Is it just me or do a couple of them look just like paintbrushes?!
    Following you now, popped over from bbunch blog!
    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog

    1. Do these ones look like paintbrushes, or MAC's? Since being tortured with GCSE Art I've tried to forget what a paintbrush and acrylic paint looks like! Haha. I'll check your blog out now. Thanks lovely! X

  2. Ahhh you know I've been waiting for this review haha! that 217 like brush looks amazing. I am definitely going to have a Molly Makeup Brush induced splurge come payday! xxx
    Gemma | ♥

    1. Wooo! I so wanna see what you end up getting! Xxx

  3. Hey I found your blog on the Bloggers blog hop! I love it!
    Also great post, I've been looking for new brushes!

    Sophie x

    1. Thanks Sophie :) hope you like them if you end up treating yourself xx

  4. Love your blog! I found you via the Bloggers Bunch blog hop :)
    Following via GFC, bloglovin', twitter and instagram :)

    These brushes look amazing, they look of such good quality and they're such good value for money! I may have to purchase C404 ( or just a whole set)


    1. Thank you! They really are amazing brushes. Haha yes, a whole set would do fine too ;) xx

  5. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award because I have been really getting into your posts
    Check it here xx

    1. I've just seen it! Thank you so much beautiful xxx

  6. Hey Molly! Only just seen this review!! I remember you asking me for advice on brushes but never got round to seeing your review!! Hope you are well lovely! xxxx

    1. Ah I love them Zoe! Would definitely get more when I need them! I'm great thanks babe hope you're doing good. Xxxxx


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