Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pourriez-vous m'indiquer la pharmacie, s'il vous plaît?

Okay, slight disclaimer, although I know some very basic French, I did use Google Translate for the title, so anyone French reading this and seeing a mistake... I'm sorry! It should translate to "Could you point me to the pharmacy, please?" (fingers crossed...)

Anyway, onto the skincare... I have recently got my hands on some of the most talked about items of French skincare items, typically found in French pharmacies. I bought the La Roche Posay products from Boots, and the Bioderma and Embryolisse from eBay, so I shall link these at the bottom of the post.

I wouldn't say I have particularly sensitive skin, but I do like to use products that I know are going to be gentle, especially when it comes to facial skincare. Since the whole micellar water craze came to be, I've found myself intrigued by the concept of a water, which removes your makeup? Anyone else wondering exactly how this is possible? Well, a micellar water is dubbed from the term "micelle" which means particles suspended in liquid, these in particular, are oil particles in water (that explains the "how the hell does water remove my makeup so easily?" question.)

So, the difference between the two? Not much actually. Although, I feel like I prefer the La Roche Posay water, I think its the strong peach scent, it just reminds me of summer and feels like an instant pick me up, but if I wanted something unscented, the Bioderma does the job. Although it is reportedly in the UK now, I won't be repurchasing the Bioderma at the eBay prices, considering that the La Roche Posay is very often on offer at Boots, and plus, I gain advantage card points. SCORE.

The Effaclar Duo is a cult product, I think Tanya Burr raving about it definetly gave it star status, and to be honest I had been very curious. I used to suffer from little bumps under the skin on my cheeks, but I've never been one for spots, so with the promise of it decongesting skin, I thought it would be good on my nose, and on my cheeks, while I've had a few spots from hormones. Anyway, despite everyone loving this product, I just didn't. I think it disagreed with my skin, gave me more spots than I previously had (I've heard of the purging stage, but this wasn't the prettiest) and the scent put me off also, as the only way I could describe it is dirty, if anyone gets me? You know, that just nasty smell that reminds you of dirt? No? Okay.. I'll shush.

Onto the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, it is dubbed as a skin-care hybrid and I know it is a strong favourite of many models, which is one thing that convinced me to buy it. I mean, come on... who doesn't want model skin? But in all honesty, it didn't live up to the hype, it is a fantastic product, to be used as both moisturiser and primer, but I have used better, and I just prefer to apply my moisturiser and primer seperately.

Although not all of these products had worked for me as well as I had wanted them too, skincare is very personal, and what works for one doesn't always work for another. Does anyone have any other French beauty brand recommendations? I'm now officially hooked! 

Au revoir!



  1. found your blog through company and love it! subscribed would love for you to check mine out?

    1. Aw thank you Lydia, yes I've followed yours! X

  2. I have the effaclar duo and the bioderma, they're great products. Bioderma is great for removing tough eye makeup without scrubbing too hard, I've never tried the la roche posay micellar water but it sounds good!

    1. They are very similar waters, I just really like the scent of la Roche Posay. I've heard such good things about the effaclar duo, I'm unsure whether or not to just stick with it!


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