Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Multi-use mascara?

An essential to all make-up artist kits is the disposable mascara wand, used by them in the place of the wand in the mascara tube, as it would be seriously unhygienic to use the same wand on every client. However, I am NOT a make-up artist and have a large pack of these wands handy all the time. My reason for this? They have so many more uses than just applying mascara... So, I thought I'd share some of my useful tips and tricks using disposable mascara wands.

Dry lips? When combined with a coat of Vaseline, these little wands make an amazing scrubbing tool to remove any dry/flaky skin from lips.

Clumpy mascara? Use a dry wand to separate lashes.

Removing eye makeup? I have a bottle of Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, which does remove eye makeup, but its quite difficult to use on lashes without getting it in your eye, so use a tiny bit (take serious caution and care) and use a wand to run it through, and make sure all your lashes are coated to dissolve left over mascara.

Too much eyebrow powder?  To make eyebrows look much more natural after filling in with powder, run a wand in the direction of the hair growth to work the powder into the brows, and make those drawn on brows look more Cara, and less Crayola.

Pale eyebrows? I personally have quite blonde brows, so I usually dye them with one of the at-home kits, as the maintenance and cost of getting them done at a salon is too excessive. But anyway, the application tool which comes in these kits is dreadful, one of these wands will coat each hair, and from my experience, makes the dye last a little longer.

Short, stumpy lashes? I know a lot of people complain about short eye lashes, so using one of these wands and again, Vaseline, (I've heard good things about Castor oil too, but don't hold me to it) too add a thin coat to your lashes before bed, and in the morning, they should be pretty soft and silky, and after a while, it should promote lash growth thanks to the extra moisture.

Dry cuticles? In the depths of winter, hand creams and cuticle oil become a necessity, and once a week I treat my hands to a pamper. On very dry cuticles, I apply whatever cuticle oil I have handy and lightly brush a dry wand over to get rid of any ickiness (excuse my scientifically correct term...)

I personally bought mine from eBay, prices vary depending on how many you want, but they usually cost a few pound, this seller has 50 for £3.90

Hope this has given you a few little tips and tricks using a super cheap product. Some things need to be done cheaply, right?



  1. My friend used to work at a makeup counter and she'd bring home lots of makeup artist tools, the point is anyways, that the mascara wands i used to steal all the time for eyebrows and separating lashes and half the things you listed there! I didn't think i was being original but this is the first time anyone's spoken about it! I'm definitely going to try out the rest of your recommendations!


    1. I've become a little amazed myself to be honest at how much they do. Thanks for the lovely comment Steph. I'm going to check our your blog xxx

  2. ooh i didn't know you could do so much with one of these, they would be so great to sort out clumpy mascara!

    1. They work like a charm for clumpy mascara Natasha. I hate clumps, mine have to be perfectly separated so they do the job! Xx


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