Sunday, 24 March 2013

Clarins. Queen of Limited Edition

Okay, so I found this the other day... I actually forgot that I had it! I'm very unsure how this happened because it's simply so pretty. It is the face palette from Clarins' limited edition Odyssey Collection of Winter '12. It comes packaged in the typical Clarins red box, and when you open it, you feel like a princess thanks to the luxurious red velvet type pocket the compact itself is in.

(Just noticed the protective film is still on the mirror, oopsy!)

Once you've brushed over the gold shimmer embossed in the powder it becomes simply a face powder, although I feel it isn't the most regular face powder and does manage to make you look glowing. How it does this, I'm not sure.. But why would I question glowing skin?!

So anyway, before I used it, I thought I'd share the simple Greek inspired elegance of this product. Plus, I now have my eyes on the Splendours Summer '13 collection, which is much more Egyptian inspired and is also super pretty and intricately designed like this, see here.

It is still available to buy in Debenhams for £35.00 (If you join the Beauty Club you get free delivery- its free to join and is an amazing service, I must add.)



  1. Great post!

    Do you wanna follow each other?

  2. I love this powder, clarins is just a wonderful creation

    1. Isn't it just! They have amazing collections. So, so excited for this winters collection and it seems so far off!! X


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