Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beauty Spotlight: Soap and Glory

One of my favourite little sections in my bathroom comes courtesy of Soap and Glory. Since it first came out I have been loving this brand, and there isn't a family birthday (the girls in the family, that is!) or Christmas that goes by without S&G gifts. The prices of their products are completely reasonable, and the majority of products are under £10, they can be found in Boots online and in-store, very often as part of a 3 for 2 offer. Girly scents, vintage inspired packaging, and cheap prices... what else can a girl ask for?!

Miss Dior... I see you there.

The Scrub Of Your Life- £7.00 (200ml)
Foam Call Body Wash- £6.50 (500ml)
My favourite in-shower duo at the moment is a combination of The Scrub of Your Life and Foam-Call. I love these two products, this must be the fifth time I've repurchased the scrub, its just amazing for rejuvenating your skin and getting rid of all the icky-ness (note: term may not be scientifically correct) that comes with fake-tanning and winter months. This isn't too abrasive at all, and I think would be suitable for all skin types. Foam Call makes the perfect accompanying product to the scrub, much unlike other washes I've tried, it feels slightly moisturising and as the name suggest it foams up well, meaning a little goes a long way. I've had this for months and I haven't even used a quarter of it!!

The Righteous Butter Lotion- £10.00 (500ml)
Okay, I'm not going to lie, I do not moisturize my body regularly. I think that, especially in winter, it can be too cold to apply it, wait for it to sink in, all whilst dancing around and trying to keep warm... Although since finding this lotion I have found it much easier to moisturize more, as it sinks in so quickly and smells so incredible it makes moisturizing in the winter months much more appealing. Its lightweight, and adds just enough moisture to the skin to keep it from becoming flaky (horrible, I know!)

Scrub Your Nose In It- £7.50 (125ml)
Despite my HUGE S&G collection, this is one of my only face products (of that I've tried) and I think its amazing, it has the tiniest exfoliating particles that remove dead skin from the face. Although my skin is very much normal on my face, not often spotty or dry, I find this just keeps my skin looking smooth and glowing. This is the only facial scrub I have ever liked.

Left: (Scrub Your Nose In It) Right: (The Scrub Of Your Life) 
The consistency of SYNIT is very creamy, and almost looks like a moisturiser, except its got a blue tint to it, how cute is that?! The consistency of TSOYL couldn't be more different to the facial one, with its gel-like texture and visible exfoliating particles this makes this the most perfect scrub I have ever used.

Soap and Glory are my go-to for body products, and I rarely ever branch out of these products, they're just perfect for what I wish to achieve from my bodycare. I 100% recommend these to anyone thinking of trying S&G products, or wanting a revamp of their bodycare routine.



  1. I adore Soap and Glory.. but I've never tried the Foam Call, it sounds gorgeous xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It is really good, It's on of my favourites, it's so different to the other Soap and Glory body washes but it's lovely xx


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